Norfolk Island Airport, NLK

Airport Name: Norfolk Island Airport
Airport Type: Small Airport
Elevation: 34 metres.
Municipiality: Norfolk Island, Region: (unassigned), Country: Australia
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The only way to many of South Pacific's exotic destinations out of Australia's external territory is through Norfolk International Airport in Norfolk Island. The airport is the only facility outside mainland Australia that can handle international traffic. In 2010, it ranked as Australia's 50th busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic, a fifth of which was of international origin.

Norfolk Island is one of the two islands comprising Australia's external territory of the same name. The airport is located in the main island of Norfolk, which is the country's farthest insular territory to the east and the only major air access for light aircraft traveling in and out of Australia.


The airport was originally built in the hopes of defending Australia and its territorial islands in the Pacific during World War II against the dreaded Japanese operations in the South Pacific. However, the natural terrain of the island made it impossible for Australian forces to build a facility big enough to serve as a major base for their operations. As a result, the airfield was only used for bomber patrols and as transshipment point for service aircraft traveling between Australia, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, and New Caledonia.

While the airport is not a major hub due to its limited capacity, it can handle midsize aircraft such as a narrow-body airliner with a capacity of up to 230 passengers.


Norfolk Island Airport has two runways, both paved, separately serving two different types of aircraft. The longer runway, which is designed for bigger aircraft, measures 1,950m long, while the shorter one, which is reserved for smaller aircraft, measures 1,435m long.


The airport has a single terminal for all types of passengers.

Flights and DestinationsNorfolk International Airport currently handles flights to and from Auckland in New Zealand, and Sydney and Brisbane in mainland Australia. Air New Zealand is the only airline serving the airport since March 6, 2012. Norfolk Air used to serve these routes except Auckland when it began operations in 2006, until its final flight in February 26, 2012 from Newcastle and Brisbane in Australia. Norfolk Air also served Gold Coast and Newcastle in Australia and Hamilton, New Zealand before it terminated operations in 2008.

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As with any other airports, one can reach Norfolk Island Airport through cars, taxis, and buses.

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