Horn Island to Cairns Flights (HID - CNS)

There are 2 airlines flying from Horn Island, HID to Cairns, CNS. Australian Air Express has 2 flights per day. Sunstate Airlines has 2 flights per day.

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Depart: Arrive: Flight Number: Aircraft: Airline: Duration: Days: Terminal:
10:25 12:00 XM* 2489 DH4 Australian Air Express 1:35 Daily D
10:25 12:00 SSQ 2489 DH4 Sunstate Airlines 1:35 Daily D
15:40 17:40 SSQ 2497 DH3 Sunstate Airlines 2:00 Daily D
15:40 17:40 XM* 2497 DH3 Australian Air Express 2:00 Daily D

Return Route: Cairns to Horn Island flights.

Route Map

Route map for Horn Island to Cairns Flights

Horn Island Flight Departures

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