Aeropelican Air Services - Airline Information

Aeropelican Air Services Pty. Ltd. is an Australian regional airline operating from its base in Newcastle in New South Wales. Aeropelican Air Services was founded in 1968, and launched its operations in July 1971 with a fleet of 5 BAe Jetstream 32 aircraft.

Previously owned by Business Air Holdings Pty. Ltd., the airline was bought by Masling Airlines in 1980, becoming one of its wholly owned subsidiaries. In August 1981, Aeropelican changed ownership again when it was purchased by BODAS Pty. Ltd., a company jointly owned by TNT and News Limited. After beginning an association with Ansett, BODAS, as well as Aeropelican, became part of the Ansett Australia group of companies.

In October 2011, the airline announced that Aeropelican would enact a merger with Canberra-based regional carrier, Brindabella Airlines, thereby adding two BAe Jetstream 41 planes and three Metroliner III turboprops to Aeropelican’s fleet.

Aeropelican currently services air travelers to 5 destinations, which include Sydney to Newcastle, Sydney to Narrabri, Sydney to Mudgee, Brisbane to Narrabri, as well as Sydney to the Snowy Mountains in Cooma during the winter ski season. It flies from its hub at the Newcastle Airport in Williamtown, as well as from its other hub at the Sydney Airport.

Aeropelican Air Services has distinguished itself for its personal approach for dealing with guests, and flying along scenic routes to all of its destinations in picturesque New South Wales.

Aeropelican currently offers airline standard charter services using its BAe Jetstream 32 aircraft manned by a two-crew flight staff.