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Qantas' Perth-London Receives Huge Demand Already

4th May 2017.

A Qantas new flight from Australia to London receives huge demand from customers and break all records, even though they are not scheduled until March next year.

Jetstar Named World's Worst Airline by CHOICE

1st May 2017.

Jetstar named the worlds worst airline in a survey of 70+ carriers from eight countries conducted by CHOICE.

Jetstar Declines to Refund Tickets for Father and Terminally Ill Boy

1st May 2017.

Australian Jetstar refuses to give refund $220 to 11-year-old boy with end-stage cancer and his father and offers a credit note instead.

Qantas Offers Direct Australia-UK Flights From £1,095

28th Apr 2017.

Qantas prepares to launch a direct flight from Perth to London and starts selling tickets for the first non-stop UK-Australia flight

Queensland Prawn Farmers Blame Qantas for Toxic Leak, Demand Money

20th Apr 2017.

Queensland prawn farmers blame Qantas toxic leak for loss of money and are demanding compensation from the Australian airline.

Virgin Australia Introduces In-Flight Entertainment UI for Vision-Impaired Passengers

20th Apr 2017.

Virgin Australia has introduced an in-flight entertainment (IFE) user interface system for blind or otherwise vision-impaired passengers.

Qantas Doesnt Want Foreign Airlines on Domestic Routes

17th Apr 2017.

Qantas Airways warns the Australian parliamentary committee not to allow foreign carriers to fly domestic routes as this would have substantial economic, employment and operational risks.

Qantas to Feature Artwork by Some of Australia's Top Artists

13th Apr 2017.

Qantas announced on Wednesday that it will feature artwork by some of Australia?s top artists on amenity kits for Business Class on international flights.

Five Yr Old Girl Suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis Refused Cushion to Elevate Her Legs

13th Apr 2017.

Five-year-old Capri McCarthy, who is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis was left in pain and had to be hospitalized after Jetstar staff refused to allow her to use a cushion to elevate her legs.

Qantas Cuts AUS $4000 from Mac Pro Price by Mistake

12th Apr 2017.

Qantas sells Mac Pro computers AUS$4,000 cheaper than regular price by mistake, but soon cancels sales. Now offers 20% discount on a Mac Pro for April and 2,000 Qantas frequent flyer points.

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