Air Australia Airways (Strategic Airlines) - Airline Information

Air Australia Airways, formerly known as Strategic Airlines, used to fly passengers to 5 domestic routes and 3 international destinations on a total of 6 Airbus aircraft before it ceased operations in February 2012 and went into liquidation a month later.

Founded in 1991, initially as Air Charter Logistics, then afterwards as Strategic Aviation Pty. Ltd., Air Australia Airways flew from two hubs in Brisbane Airport and Melbourne Airport, and ran charter flight services for its sister company, Strategic Aviation. In 2008, it purchased the troubled air company, OzJet, and started operating under the company slogan, “a breath of fresh air,” operating from its headquarters in Brisbane, Queensland.

By August 2011, Strategic Aviation changed its name to Air Australia Airways to create a more identifiable Australian brand. However, by February 2012, its directors placed the airline into voluntary administration after a fuel supplier in Phuket, Thailand refused to refuel one of the airline’s planes due to unpaid outstanding debts.

The airline then suspended all its flights in Phuket, Denpasar in Indonesia, Hawaii, and Australia, leaving about 4,000 passengers stranded and advised to find their own alternative travel arrangements.

Shortly after, appointed administrator, KordaMentha discovered the airline owed its creditors nearly AU$ 90 million, but only possessed AU$ 1 million in assets, owing to having leased most of its aircraft and equipment. After declaring Air Australia Airways “not saleable,” a total of 300 employees were let go, and the carrier went into liquidation upon creditor demand.