Airlines of Tasmania - Airline Information

Airlines of Tasmania is a small regional airline that also goes by the name Par-Avion. Based in Hobart in the Australian island state of Tasmania, the carrier operates a fleet of 9 light aircraft for scheduled and chartered flights to Launceston, King Island, and Wynyard.

Currently, Airlines of Tasmania flies a variety of lightweight planes which include an Aero Commander 680-FL(P), two Britten-Norman Islanders, two Cessna 404 Titans, two Cessna U206G, and two Piper PA-31 Navajos.

The airline also owns and operates the Cambridge Aerodrome, a minor airport in Hobart that serves the Tasmania area.

Founded in 1984, Airlines of Tasmania was previously an airport operator offering cloud seeding and aerial photography services until it acquired Par-Avion, a flight training school and charter company focusing on tourism. It now provides scheduled flights under the slogan “Your Tasmanian Airline,” and mainly targets the market segment that seeks chartered flights across the island.

The carrier has recently announced a major upgrade of its Cambridge Aerodrome runways, which included adding a third runway, as well as acquisition of modern training aircraft for its flight training activities.

As the Par-Avion Flight Training school, its experienced career instructors train students to fly across rugged terrain and various meteorological and weather conditions typical to Tasmania. Students also learn how to handle flying in and out of private or isolated airfields while imbibing the highest safety standards on all aspects of general aviation.