Proserpine Whitsunday Coast Airport, PPP

Airport Name: Proserpine Whitsunday Coast Airport
Airport Type: Medium Airport
Elevation: 25 metres.
Municipiality: Proserpine, Region: Queensland, Country: Australia
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Proserpine Airport, otherwise known as the Whitsunday Coast Airport, is the travelers' main gateway to the Whitsunday area. It is located 10km from the town of Proserpine in Queensland, and is currently run by the Whitsunday Shire Council.


As early as 1936, a plan on building an airfield in Proserpine has already been set up. Nevertheless, it was postponed due to lack of sufficient funds. A decade later, the construction of the airfield finally commenced.

The first service to the airport took place on November 1951. The flight was from Brisbane, through the airliner Douglas DC-3.

In 2001, the airport faced huge problems due to the collapse of Ansett Australia, which was one of the major airlines that operate in it. Because of that, only two airlines were left servicing the airport—Jetstar Airways and Virgin Australia.


Proserpine Airport currently operates with two runways, 11/29 and 06/24, both of which have asphalt surface. The first one has a length of 2,073m, while the second one is 1,100m long.


Since it is small and serves only one route, Proserpine airport has only one passenger terminal. This terminal underwent a renovation project in 2010. The project involved the construction of a bigger departure and baggage claim area. It was officially reopened in 2011.

Unlike those of the other airports, the terminal building of Proserpine Airport does not operate 24 hours.

Flights and Destinations

Jetstar Airways and Virgin Australia are the only airlines that operate on the airport, with Brisbane as the only destination for both. Before, flights going to Sydney and Melbourne are available and provided by Ansett Airlines, until the cessation of its operations in 2002.

Transport To and From the Airport

Cars, taxis, and buses are the modes of transferring passengers to and from Proserpine Airport. Offices of car rental companies can be found inside the terminal, although they require passengers to call for reservations if they want to avail of their service. Buses and taxis are also good options. Their booths are located on the arrivals gate. They travel from the airport to the Airlie Beach.

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