Whyalla Airport, WYA

Airport Name: Whyalla Airport
Airport Type: Medium Airport
Elevation: 12 metres.
Municipiality: Whyalla, Region: South Australia, Country: Australia
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The Whyalla Airport is main airport that serves the city of Whyalla in South Australia. It is currently run by the City Council of Whyalla.


Until the late ‘90s, the airport was not able to accommodate large aircrafts because its runway is deteriorating. It only remained open for the use of C-130 Hercules transport aircraft of the Department of Defense. However, it led to the further damage of the runway. Because of that, city of Whylla asked for financial support on the planned upgrades for the airport, but the Federal Government declined. John Smith, the then mayor of the city, stopped the operation of C-130 in the airport, a restriction that still applies up to the present day.


Whyalla airport has two runways. The first runway, 17/35, is concreted and measures 1,688m long. The second runway, 05/23, which is unsurfaced, has a length measurement of 1,408m.


The airport has one terminal that is being used by the only airline that services it—the Regional Express Airline. Unless authorized, the terminal is closed from 9pm to 6am. Upgrades are being planned by the Council, though they still don't know where they will get the funds for it.

Flights and Destinations

The only airline that serves the airport provides flights to Adelaide. Nevertheless, Qantas and Virgin Australia have listed Whyalla Airport as their alternate landing area in case Adelaide Airport is not available for whatever possible reason.

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Cars and taxis are the most convenient means to go to and from the airport, and these are provided by car rental companies such as Avis, Hertz, Budget, and Gulf Getaways.

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