Qantas to Feature Artwork by Some of Australia's Top Artists

13th Apr 2017

Are you looking for some really cool amenity kits for your next international flight with Qantas? Well, you just might get your wish as the airline has announced on Wednesday that it will team up with the country's leading artists to feature their artwork on amenity kits for Business Class on its international flights.

The venture, dubbed "Qantas Curates" will feature the work of 16 artists, photographers and digital influencers and includes photography, abstract landscapes, fine art, pop art, textile design and indigenous art.

Qantas Group executive for marketing and corporate affairs Olivia Wirth said:

"As the national carrier, we're pleased to support talented Aussies telling uniquely Australian stories through their artwork and share them with a global audience. Along with in-flight pajamas, we know amenity kits are an important part of the international Business class experience. Customers love the functionality of our kits and many use them after their flight as make-up bags, an evening clutch or to carry their mobile phones. So, the exposure is broad."

One of the artists involved in the venture, Billie Justice Thomson said:

"It's really exciting to be part of an art exhibition at 38,000 feet. This is a powerful way to share contemporary art, particularly alongside some of Australia's most talented artists.

There will be a total of 16 kit designs, eight for men and women respectively. Qantas Business Class customers will be able to get them on international flights from 1st May. The first two kit designs will be "No Queen Blues/Unwind" (for men) by Liam Snootle and "Bubblegum Dystopia" (for women) by Jacob Leary.

Following these two kits, there will be new designs each month, including:

- "Gypsy Floral" by Bonnie and Neal

- "Home" by Craig and Karl

- "Adas' Algorithm" by Kate Banazi

- "Dhina" by Lucy Simpson

- "North Avoca ECL 2016" by Luke Shadbolt

- "Iceland" by Megan Weston

- "Lirrun" by Myra Yurtiwa Cook

- "Hamilton Island 2014" by Nicole Warne

- "Mobile Phone Tower" by Polly Pawuya Butler-Jackson

- "I love the people" by Rachel Castle

- "Black Water" by Tom Blachford

In case you're wondering, the kits include earplugs, a wraparound eye mask (with the same design as the bag), a toothbrush, toothpaste, face moisturizer, hand cream, lip balm and a pair of travel socks.