Skytrans Airlines - Promotions and Special offers.

Flying to 27 routes across Queensland, and operating charter flights to destinations in South West Pacific Australia, North Queensland, and Papua New Guinea, Skytrans Airlines is a regional carrier based in Cairns. It also flies from its hubs in Darwin, Brisbane, and Perth, and will soon be opening a fifth hub in Toowoomba by July 2012.

Passengers flying Skytrans Airlines have a choice of several airfare categories, which include Skysaver, Skydeal, Skyvalue, and Skyspecial fares. They will be treated to in-flight entertainment with Skyview, which offers them a choice of 6 movies and 11 television programs.

Skytrans Airlines is currently advertising Skyspecial tickets on sale leading up to their new Toowoomba to Sydney route to be launched on July 2012. Passengers traveling from July 2, 2012, and thereon for the next six months will be treated to a one-way fare of AU 149.

The airline also recently launched its DTMR local fare scheme, promoting a AU$ 99 one-way ticket fares for passengers traveling between Aurukun, Coen, Lockhart River, and Prompuraaw, providing guests can show proof of residence in those communities.

Skytrans Airlines also supports local communities with several programs, that include the Skytrans Take Off  - assisting schools, students and their families through rewards, recognition and study mentoring; Skytrans Fly High - a sponsorship of Cape York Institute’s Leadership Academy program; Skytrans Take Pride Program - which educates and informs the community of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and Skytrans Getting Active – which supports organizations that deliver quality community programs for healthy living.