Skywest Airlines - Airline Information

A regional carrier based in Perth, Skywest Airlines Pty. Ltd. flies to 24 destinations in Western Australia, Darwin, and Melbourne. It also offers charter flights to domestic destinations, as well as to Bali in Indonesia.

Based at the Perth Airport, Skywest Airlines operates on a fleet of 22 aircraft with 14 more on order. Founded in 1963, Skywest initially started its air carrier service with charter flights under the name Carnarvon Air Taxis. Then based out of Carnarvon in Western Australia, it operated a fleet of small aircraft, and changed its name to Skywest Aviation in 1979 upon moving its main hub to Jandakot Airport in Perth. By 1980, it acquired Stillwell Airlines and changed its name yet again to its present brand, Skywest Airlines.

In the course of its history, Skywest has effectively merged with TransWest Airlines, was purchased by the Perron group, then subsequently sold to TNT/News Ltd, after which it operated as an air carrier under Ansett Australia. In 2004, it became subject of a hostile takeover by CaptiveVision Capital Ltd., a Singaporean investment company. After announcing a 10-year alliance with Virgin Australia in January 2011, 10% of its shares were purchased by Virgin Australia Holdings in April 2012.

Having been in operation for nearly 50 years, Skywest Airlines has established a strong foundation in the corporate charter industry in the region, catering to mining companies, tourists, and business travelers. It ferries an average of 810,000 passengers per year on its Fokker 50 turboprops and Fokker 100 jet planes, and its recently acquired Airbus A320 aircraft.

It is a member of the Virgin Australia’s Velocity Rewards Frequent Flyer program, and offers in-flight meals, an in-flight bar, and extensive legroom in all its seating classes.