Tiger Airways - Airline Information

Tiger Airways Australia, operating under the company Tiger Airways Australia Pty. Ltd., is a low cost carrier that entered Australia’s domestic airline market in November 2007. It is a subsidiary of Singapore’s Tiger Airways Holdings, which in turn is partially owned by Singapore Airlines.

Tiger Airways Australia flies from its primary hub at the Melbourne Airport in Victoria, while also operates from a secondary base at the Adelaide Airport. Launched in March 2009, it started with a small “virtual base” off Sydney, and an operational base at the Avalon Airport in Melbourne.

In April 2009, the airline announced its intent to launch its Melbourne to Sydney flights, and subsequently increased the flight frequency of this route up to 9 flights a day in both directions by July of the same year. In November, it signified its intent to open its Brisbane to Melbourne, Adelaide and Rockhampton market, and held their second birthday sale to these routes, together with their Tasmanian routes and Melbourne to Sydney destinations. By 2010, the airline started services to Cairns and expanded into the Sydney to Brisbane route.

After it was grounded by Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority in July 2011 for safety issues, Tiger Airways Australia temporarily ceased operating out of its bases at Adelaide and Avalon, but continued its flights out of Melbourne. In March 2012, the airline announced it would be reopening its second base at the Sydney Airport.

With a fleet size of 10 aircraft, with another one on order, Tiger Airways Australia used to fly to 17 destinations across the country, however, after its entire fleet was grounded by CASA, it now ferries passengers to 5 of those destinations in four Australian states.

Operating under the slogan, “Fly cheaper,” it targets the low-fare and low-cost business sector and aims to build a portfolio of routes throughout Asia as well as Australasia.