Avalon Airport, AVV

Airport Name: Avalon Airport
Airport Type: Medium Airport
Elevation: 11 metres.
Municipiality: Melbourne, Region: Victoria, Country: Australia
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The Avalon Airport is one of the four airports serving primarily the state capital of Melbourne and the surrounding urban centers. Geographically located 15 kilometers north of the city of Geelong, the regional airport is approximately 45 kilometers southwest of Melbourne. By passenger traffic, it is the state's second busiest airport serving a total of 94,180 domestic passengers.


The Avalon Airport was originally conceived as a production facility for military aircraft, an expansion facility of the then Government Aircraft Factories in Melbourne. Due to the limited space in its Melbourne facility, the Commonwealth Government decided to purchase a sizable lot near Geelong. The site, which the present airport now stands, was once part of the Avalon homesteading program of the government.

In 1953, the facility was officially opened, not for commercial transport services, but for the manufacture of military aircraft right after the lone but long runway was finished. The first aircraft to land on April 3 that year was the quad-engine Avro Lincoln heavy bomber originating from its mother facility in Fisherman's Bend in Melbourne.

Avalon Airport remained a production facility for military aircraft and later as maintenance facility for commercial aircraft until 1995. The commercial operation did not start until February 1995 when the first scheduled commercial flights between Avalon Airport and Sydney commenced.


The airport has a single runway that is 3,048 meters (10,000 feet) long. The runway, which has an asphalt surface, can accommodate large modern jetliners.


Avalon Airport has a single terminal building. The departure and arrival terminals both share the same building. Most of the basic airport facilities are available such as public telephones, postal box, trolleys, toilets as well as shopping and dining. The airport is user-friendly for young passengers as well as people with special needs.

Flights and Destinations

The Avalon Airport provides connections to two major cities of Australia, Sydney and Brisbane. Jetstar is the only major regional airline offering flights to these two important destinations - four times daily to Sydney and once daily to Brisbane. Sharp Airlines also fly out to Portland, Queensland on a charter schedule.

Transport To and From the Airport

Getting to and from the airport is provided by three types of transport services: airport shuttle service, airport bus and taxi. The airport shuttle offer passenger transfer service between the airport and Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula, Torquay and the Great Ocean Road. The airport bus on the other hand provides transport services between the airport and downtown Melbourne.

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