Australia Flight News

Qantas' Perth-London Receives Huge Demand Already

4th May 2017.

A Qantas new flight from Australia to London receives huge demand from customers and break all records, even though they are not scheduled until March next year.

Jetstar Named World's Worst Airline by CHOICE

1st May 2017.

Jetstar named the worlds worst airline in a survey of 70+ carriers from eight countries conducted by CHOICE.

Jetstar Declines to Refund Tickets for Father and Terminally Ill Boy

1st May 2017.

Australian Jetstar refuses to give refund $220 to 11-year-old boy with end-stage cancer and his father and offers a credit note instead.

Qantas Offers Direct Australia-UK Flights From £1,095

28th Apr 2017.

Qantas prepares to launch a direct flight from Perth to London and starts selling tickets for the first non-stop UK-Australia flight

Queensland Prawn Farmers Blame Qantas for Toxic Leak, Demand Money

20th Apr 2017.

Queensland prawn farmers blame Qantas toxic leak for loss of money and are demanding compensation from the Australian airline.

Virgin Australia Introduces In-Flight Entertainment UI for Vision-Impaired Passengers

20th Apr 2017.

Virgin Australia has introduced an in-flight entertainment (IFE) user interface system for blind or otherwise vision-impaired passengers.

Qantas Doesnt Want Foreign Airlines on Domestic Routes

17th Apr 2017.

Qantas Airways warns the Australian parliamentary committee not to allow foreign carriers to fly domestic routes as this would have substantial economic, employment and operational risks.

Qantas to Feature Artwork by Some of Australia's Top Artists

13th Apr 2017.

Qantas announced on Wednesday that it will feature artwork by some of Australia?s top artists on amenity kits for Business Class on international flights.

Five Yr Old Girl Suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis Refused Cushion to Elevate Her Legs

13th Apr 2017.

Five-year-old Capri McCarthy, who is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis was left in pain and had to be hospitalized after Jetstar staff refused to allow her to use a cushion to elevate her legs.

Qantas Cuts AUS $4000 from Mac Pro Price by Mistake

12th Apr 2017.

Qantas sells Mac Pro computers AUS$4,000 cheaper than regular price by mistake, but soon cancels sales. Now offers 20% discount on a Mac Pro for April and 2,000 Qantas frequent flyer points.

Qantas Named Best Australian Airline by TripAdvisor

10th Apr 2017.

Qantas has been named Australia's best airline in the first annual TripAdvisor Traveller's Choice Awards for airlines. Meanwhile, its partner Emirates has been named as the best international airline.

Jetstar Apologizes to Rarotonga Passengers for Forgetting Their Luggage

6th Apr 2017.

Australian low-cost carrier Jetstar has apologized to 38 passengers who arrived in Rarotonga, Cook Islands on Saturday night for forgetting their luggage.

Sydney to London Flights by 2022, Says Qantas CEO

6th Apr 2017.

CEO of Qantas reveals possibility of non-stop flights between Sydney and London in the next five years. The carrier is now considering between Boeing 777-8 and Airbus A350-900ULR for the ultra-long haul flights.

Jetstar Announces Melbourne and Sydney to Ho Chi Minh City

6th Apr 2017.

Jetstar Australia announced on Wednesday two direct routes to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam from Melbourne and Sydney, starting from May, 2017.

Virgin Australia Resumes LA-Melbourne Flights After 2+ Years

4th Apr 2017.

Virgin Australia resumes Los Angeles-Melbourne flights on Tuesday at around 11:45 am local time. The flight should land at Los Angeles Airport 14 hours later.

Virgin Australia Surveys Customers on How Much They're Willing to Pay for In-Flight WiFi

29th Mar 2017.

Virgin Australia is surveying customers on how much they are willing to pay for in-flight Internet access, as Qantas delays in-flight WiFi debut.

Virgin Australia Announces Melbourne-Hong Kong Flights

22nd Mar 2017.

Virgin Australia announced a new, 5-time weekly service between Melbourne and Hong Kong from 5th July this year and will use Airbus A330-200 aircraft for it.

Virgin Australia Gets Green Light for Hong Kong Commercial Flights

20th Mar 2017.

Virgin Australia has been granted an interim authorization for an alliance with HNA Group and can start selling tickets for Honk Kong flights.

Tickets for Longest Non-Stop Flight Go on Sale in April

14th Mar 2017.

Tickets for the longest non-stop flight in the world, between Perth and London will go on sale next month, said Qantas.

Why are There No More Women Pilots in Australia?

10th Mar 2017.

Qantas is considering to deal with pilot shortages in is currently experiencing by adding more pilots. Women pilots that is. But this still doesn't solve the problem many would-be pilots in Australia have.

Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar and Air New Zealand Team Up

9th Mar 2017.

Qantas, Virgin Australia Jetstar and New Zealand are teaming up to form a trans-Tasman aviation lobby.

Virgin and Jetstar to Pay Penalties for Drip Pricing

7th Mar 2017.

Virgin Australia and Jetstar will have to pay several hundred thousand dollars for their "misleading and deceptive" pricing tactics.

Jetstar Offers International Flights from $99

2nd Mar 2017.

Australian carrier Jetstar is offering international flight fares starting at $99 to Bali from Townsville until 6th March.

Qantas Codeshares with Israeli El Al

23rd Feb 2017.

Australian Qantas and Israeli El Al have signed a codeshare partnership and Qantas in-flight Wi-Fi test was successful.

Virgin Australia Launches Direct Flights to Hong Kong and Mainland China

17th Feb 2017.

Virgin Australia revealed plans to launch direct flights to Hong Kong and mainland China, as well as codeshare with three carriers from China.

Qantas to Offer In Flight Wi-Fi in Late February

15th Feb 2017.

Australian carrier Qantas has announced it will begin offering in-flight Internet in late February.

Qantas CTO Resigns from Position

13th Feb 2017.

Qantas Group Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Chris Taylor has offered his resignation and will leave in May to take up a new position in another country.

Jetstar Launches Huge Beach Sale to Bali, Hawaii and Thailand

10th Feb 2017.

Australian Jetstar offers a huge Beach Sale to destinations such as Bali, Hawaii and Thailand starting at $189 for Melbourne-Phuket flights.

Tigerair Permanently Cancels all Australia-Bali Flights

7th Feb 2017.

Australian budget carrier Tigerair cites "approval issues" with Indonesian authorities as the reason for ending flights between Australia and Bali, Indonesia.

Qantas Unveils A380 Sized Hangar at Los Angeles International Airport

3rd Feb 2017.

Australian Qantas unveiled the first hangar in North America designed to accommodate the Airbus A380.

Virgin Australia, Alliance Airlines Call on ACCC to Approve Their Charter Partnership

31st Jan 2017.

Virgin Australia/Virgin Australia Regional Airlines and Alliance Airlines urge Australian Consumer and Competition Commission to reverse its December decision and allow their charter partnership.

2017 Australia Day Honours Credits Virgin Australia CEO John Borghetti

27th Jan 2017.

Virgin Australia Chief Executive Officer John Borghetti has been recognized by the 2017 Australia Day Honours for his contribution to the aviation industry.

Qantas Looking for Ultra-Long Range Aircraft

26th Jan 2017.

Qantas is looking for ultra-long range aircraft for non-stop flights between Sydney and New York and Sydney and London. These will most likely be either Boeing 777X or Airbus A350-900ULR

Qantas Returns to Beijing After Eight Years

25th Jan 2017.

Eight years after it canceled the route due to global financial crisis, Qantas has recommended daily flights between Sydney and Beijing.

Virgin Australia Regional Tops Punctuality Tables in December

23rd Jan 2017.

Virgin Australia Regional Airlines stayed on top of on-time tables for the second consecutive month.

Qantas Pulls off Flying Two Planes inside a Boeing 747-400

20th Jan 2017.

Australian airline Qantas managed to load two sailplane gliders into the cargo hold of a Boeing 747-400 passenger jet and fly them from South Africa to Australia.

Qantas Claims "No Special Treatment for CEO"

12th Jan 2017.

Qantas said there was "no special treatment" for its CEO Alan Joyce in Dubai on New Year's Eve, responding to the criticism on how it handled a recent technical glitch.

Virgin Australia Takes over Tigerair Flights from Bali

12th Jan 2017.

Indonesian authorities have canceled all Tigerair Australia flights from Bali on Thursday. Instead, Virgin Australia will operate two flights from Bali to Australia in order to return passengers.

Conspiracy Theorists Attack Virgin Australia Over Cloud Formation Photo

12th Jan 2017.

Conspiracy theorists criticize Virgin Australia after sharing a photo of a unique cloud formation for "supporting chemtrails".

Jetstar Kicks Family off Flight and Social Media Users Rage

11th Jan 2017.

Jetstar Australia is standing by its decision to boot a family off its Bali-Adelaide flight, but social media users think the crew overreacted.

Qantas Signs $1.14 Million Contract with FirstWave Cloud Technology

10th Jan 2017.

Qantas and FirstWave Cloud Technology signed a $1.14M, 30 months contract, with an additional 24 month extension option.

Qantas to Compensate Airport Staff for Underpaying Them for 6 Years

6th Jan 2017.

Australian carrier Qantas will have to back pay five of its Adelaide Airport staff for underpaying them between April 2007 and July 2013. Names Qantas the Safest Airline in the World

6th Jan 2017.

Australian Qantas has been named by as the safest in the world for the fourth year.

Virgin Australia Passengers Faced Long Queues at Sydney Airport

3rd Jan 2017.

Virgin Australia passengers returning from their Christmas and New Year holidays faced long lines on 3rd January at the carrier?s terminal at Sydney Airport.

Qantas Group Appoints Susan Doniz as the New CIO

20th Dec 2016.

Qantas Group has appointed SAP exec Susan Doniz to be its new Chief Information Officer and replace Luc Hennekens.

TigerAir One-Ups US YouTuber Adam Saleh

16th Dec 2016.

US YouTuber Adam Saleh, made a video showing you can fly for free if you "e;check-in yourself as baggage"e;, but the Australian TigerAir exposed the video as a fake.

Virgin Australia to Codeshare with Air Canada from 2017

15th Dec 2016.

Virgin Australia and Air Canada agreed to codeshare on each other's routes from next year and are now waiting for regulatory approval on this.

Domestic Terminal 3 set for Perth-London Non-Stop Flights

12th Dec 2016.

Qantas makes a deal with Perth Airport to start non-stop flights between this city and London, UK from early 2018.

Qantas CEO Predicts Huge US Market Growth for the Company

9th Dec 2016.

Alan Joyce, Qantas CEO predicted a huge growth for his company when it comes to the US market.

Advocacy Group "Choice" Blasts Qantas, Virgin, Jetstar and Tigerair

7th Dec 2016.

Consumer advocacy group Choice blasts Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar and Tigerair in their latest investigation, claiming the carriers breached Australian Consumer Law.

Jetstar Bali to Darwin Flight Delayed After a Crew Member Called in Sick

6th Dec 2016.

A Jetstar Bali to Darwin flight has been delayed for 13 hours after one of the crew members called in sick, leaving passengers stuck on the island without further instructions.

Virgin Australia's Cabin Crew Challenges Supercar Driver Jamie Whincup

5th Dec 2016.

Virgin Australia cabin crew challenges Supercar driver Jamie Whincup to race them around Mt. Panorama racetrack in this latest safety video.

Read This Passenger's Hilarious Note (and Jetstar's Even Better Response)

4th Dec 2016.

Budget airlines get a lot of complaints and knowing how to respond to them is often one of their biggest problems. Not for Jetstar though. See how they responded to a hilarious complaint note from one of their passengers.

GE Australia Signs Up with Qantas's Future Planet Carbon Offset Program

1st Dec 2016.

GE Australia has signed up with Qantas' carbon offset program Future Planet and will support the Australian airline in reducing carbon emission from its flights.

Qantas and American Give Up on Extended Alliance

30th Nov 2016.

Following DoT's decision to deny their application on 18th November and to reject the deadline for an objection to that ruling, Qantas and American Airlines have decided to scrap plans for an extended alliance between Australia and the US.

"We are Not at War", with Qantas Says Perth Airport CEO

29th Nov 2016.

Perth Airport chief executive Kevin Brown denies he is at war with the Australian flag carrier Qantas over plans for a direct route to Europe.

US DoT "Not Convinced" on Qantas-AA Alliance Expansion

28th Nov 2016.

Australian Qantas and American Airlines had their alliance expansion application rejected by the US Department of Transportation. The DoT said it has great misgivings about the deal?s nature and tentatively blocked it.

Melbourne Airport Fuel Shortage Problem for International Airlines

25th Nov 2016.

International airline at the Melbourne Airport were left with a serious problem as to how to get flights to their destinations due to a fuel shortage at the airport.

Convert HSBC Rewards Points into Virgin Frequent Flyer Points

24th Nov 2016.

If you have an HSBC credit card you can now convert your HSBC Rewards points into Virgin Australia Velocity Frequent Flyer points.

Qantas Calls IASC to Approve Codeshare with Air Niugini for Papua New Guinea

15th Nov 2016.

Australian carrier Qantas called out IASC to approve in full its proposed codeshare arrangements with Air Niugini on Australia-Papua New Guinea routes.

Qantas Partners with Taxi Booking App ingogo

15th Nov 2016.

Qantas Frequent Flyers can now earn up to 750 Qantas Points when they book a ride with the taxi booking app ingogo.

Qantas Passengers a Step Closer to Flying with in flight WiFi

15th Nov 2016.

Qantas customers will soon be able to enjoy in-flight WiFi when flying with the Australian airline.

Qantas Offers Budget Fares to Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore

12th Nov 2016.

Full-service carrier Qantas is offering budget fares to Southeast Asia to Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. The carrier has also launched a VR app.

Virgin Australia Sells Super Cheap Fares by Mistake

8th Nov 2016.

Some lucky and quick Virgin Australia customers managed to buy super-cheap fares as the Australian airline sold them by mistake.

Qantas Offers Frequent Flyers a New Way to Collect Status Credits

3rd Nov 2016.

Qantas offers its most loyal customers a new way to collect status credits or to earn bonus points.

Qantas Introduces a New Kangaroo Livery and Dreamliner Interior

1st Nov 2016.

Australian carrier Qantas has introduced a new streamlined logo, livery and Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

New Qantas Dress Code Deemed Old Fashioned by Pilots

28th Oct 2016.

Qantas has introduced a new dress code for its pilots, but it seems pilots are not very keen on the idea of wearing white hats and buttoned-up suits to their aircraft.

Qantas adds Deliveroo to its Frequent Flyer Program Partnership

26th Oct 2016.

Qantas Frequent Flyer program adds food delivery service Deliveroo to its list of partners. For every dollar they spend with Deliveroo, customers can earn two Qantas Points.

Sydney Airport Should Open More Route Slots, Says Virgin Australia CEO

20th Oct 2016.

According to Virgin Australia CEO John Borghetti, Australians in regional cities and towns can?t get better schedules and cheaper fares because Sydney Airport doesn?t offer enough slots for routes.

Australian Airlines Ban Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on their Flights

17th Oct 2016.

Australian airlines, Qantas, Virgin Australia and Jetstar have banned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from their flights for fear of fire.

Fly From Perth to Brisbane for Under $200 with Tigerair

15th Oct 2016.

Tigerair offers flights from one end of Australia (Perth) to the other (Brisbane) for under $200 starting next June.

Qantas to Make a Triumphant Return to Beijing after 7 Years

14th Oct 2016.

Qantas to Make a Triumphant Return to Beijing after 7 Years

Jetstar to Ban Phuket to Sydney Brawlers from its Flights?

10th Oct 2016.

Aussie tourists who engaged in a mid-air brawl while returning to Australia from a holiday in Thailand might be banned from a return Phuket flight on Jetstar.

Virgin Australia Calls IASC to Reject Proposed Qantas-Air Niugini Codeshare

6th Oct 2016.

Virgin Australia has called the International Air Services Commission (IASC) to reject the proposed Qantas-Air Niugini codeshare.

QantasLink Plane Avoided Potentially Serious Incident

4th Oct 2016.

An investigation by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) into the 20th June QantasLink Canberra-Sydney plane avoided a potentially serious incident when it used incorrect weight and temperature data.

Virgin Australia Presents Velocity Live

1st Oct 2016.

Virgin Australia launched today Velocity Live program for frequent flyers who want to enjoy preferred seating and upgrades at sporting events and concerts.

Jetstar Resumes Bali Flights

29th Sep 2016.

Australian Jetstar has resumed flights to and from Denpasar Airport in Bali, Indonesia. Jetstar is the only Australian carrier to make this decision after another volcanic ash cloud hit the island on Tuesday.

Qantas Plane Makes Emergency Darwin Landing

29th Sep 2016.

Qantas passenger plane with 172 passengers had to make an emergency landing at Darwin International Airport due to cabin pressure.

Qantas is the New Australians Sponsor in Film Awards

27th Sep 2016.

Australian carrier Qantas is the new title sponsors for Australians in the Film Awards in Los Angeles.

Virgin Australia Launches Melbourne to LA and Perth to Abu Dhabi

26th Sep 2016.

Virgin Australia introduced Melbourne-Los Angeles (5 flights per week), using Boeing 777-300ER and Perth-Abu Dhabi (3 flights per week), using Airbus A330-200.

VARA and Alliance Airlines Seek Approval for Charter Alliance from ACCC

23rd Sep 2016.

Virgin Australia Regional Network (VARA) and Alliance Airlines have sought an approval from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for a charter alliance.

Qantas Plane Aborts Sydney Landing Due to Malfunction

15th Sep 2016.

A ?malfunction? alert in the cockpit prompted the Qantas Dash 8-300 captain on Canberra-Sydney to abort landing on final approach and climb away from the airport.

Virgin Australia Partners with Parrtjima A Festival in Light

13th Sep 2016.

Virgin Australia has become a partner of the Parrtjima ? A Festival in Light, which will take place between 23rd September and 2nd October this year in Alice Springs and the MacDonnell Ranges.

Qantas Launches Unlock Australia with Qantas Incentive for UK Travel Agents

8th Sep 2016.

Australian airline Qantas launches a new incentive for travel agents in the United Kingdom, dubbed ?Unlock Australia with Qantas?.

Virgin Australia Expands Codeshare Deal With Alitalia, Qantas With Jet Airways

7th Sep 2016.

Two biggest airlines in Australia, Virgin and Qantas expanded their codeshare partnerships with Alitalia and Jet Airways.

Virgin Australia Keeps Fly Ahead Free for Top Tier Frequent Flyers

6th Sep 2016.

Virgin Australia will keep ?Fly Ahead? free for top-tier frequent flyers who want to switch to an earlier domestic flight, despite previously saying that ?changes might apply? to Fly Ahead requests on certain domestic fares.

Tigerair Resumes Canberra Melbourne Flights From December

31st Aug 2016.

Australian budget carrier Tigerair announced it will resume flights between Canberra and Melbourne starting from December this year. The airline will announce schedule information and ticket prices later this week.

Virgin Australia Inks Long Term Agreement With Alliance Aviation Services

18th Aug 2016.

Virgin Australia takes proposed strategic partnership with Alliance Aviation Services to a new level by inking a long-term agreement for charter flights.

Qantas Cancels Remaining A380 Deliveries

17th Aug 2016.

Qantas Chief Executive Officer announced this week that the Australian carrier sees no market for the remaining Airbus A380s that Qantas was supposed to receive as part of its deal with the plane manufacturer.

Qantas to Improve Onboard Experience with Free WiFi

14th Aug 2016.

Qantas seeks to enhance customer experience and satisfaction by introducing free on-board Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi will also assist pilots in providing real-time weather info.

Qantas Negotiation With Ground Staff Halted

12th Aug 2016.

Negotiations between Qantas and ground staff have stalled as the airline doesn?t want to budge on their demand for more full-time work and extra hours.

Qantas and GoCatch Partner for a New Frequent Flyer Deal

10th Aug 2016.

GoCatch, a taxi hailing app and Qantas have agreed to extend their partnership with the former now allowing its passengers on ride-sharing service to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer Points.

Jetstar Flight JQ12 Diverted to Guam after Having to Turn Off One of its Engines Mid-Flight

9th Aug 2016.

Jetstar Flight JQ12 had to divert to the island of Guam after experiencing problems with one of its engines. The engine had to be switched off mid-flight.

Virgin Australia Introduces New Fare Options

9th Aug 2016.

Virgin Australia offers its passengers nine different fare options to choose from when booking domestic and international flights.

Qantas Prepares for B787-9s, Buys Dreamliner Flight Simulators

8th Aug 2016.

Australian flag carrier Qantas prepares for a new fleet of Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft by buying flight simulators at Sydney Mascot.

Jetstar and AirAsia Planes Narrowly Avoid Collision at Gold Coast Airport

29th Jul 2016.

Jetstar's A320 and AirAsia?s A330 narrowly avoided collision on 21st July on Gold Coast Airport. Jetstar claims to have received clearance from air traffic control previously to descend.

Etihad Retains 21.8% Stake in Virgin Australia and Board of Directors Seat

28th Jul 2016.

Etihad Retains 21.8% Stake in Virgin Australia and Board of Directors Seat

QantasLink Starts Melbourne-Sunshine Coast Direct Flights

27th Jul 2016.

QantasLink has announces direct flights between Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast during the peak summer holiday. QantasLink is set to operate four return flights a week from 16th December, 2016 to 21st January, 2017.

Qantas and Tourism and Events Queensland Partner for a New Tourism Campaign

25th Jul 2016.

Australian carrier Qantas Airways has partnered with Tourism and Events Queensland to increase the number of international visitors to that state.

Virgin Australia to Take off to China and Hong Kong in 2017

22nd Jul 2016.

Virgin Australia will start flying to China and Hong Kong by late 2017, confirmed John Borghetti, CEO of the Australian carrier.

Fight on Jetstar Plane Diverts to Bali

22nd Jul 2016.

A Jetstar plane from Sydney to Phuket had to divert to Bali as a group of Australian and New Zealand passengers got into a brawl.

Qantas Signs Tourism Deal Worth $28 Million

19th Jul 2016.

Qantas and the NSW government have signed a $28 million dollar deal to promote Sydney and regional NSW together.

QantasLink Cancels Sydney-Hervey Bay Service

18th Jul 2016.

QantasLink has decided to cancel all flights between Sydney and Hervey Bay due to a lack of passengers on them. The carrier will stop operating the route from 8th August.

Qantas Does Well at Skytrax Airline Awards, Virgin Australia... Not So Much

15th Jul 2016.

Qantas Airways picked up the awards for the "Best Airline in the Australia-Pacific", "Best Premium Economy On-Board Catering" and "Best Airline Staff in the Region" and was ranked ninth for the ?Best Airline in the World? at Skytrax Airline Awards.

ACT Looking to Reestablish Canberra to Melbourne Budget Route

13th Jul 2016.

The government of Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is looking to reestablish a low-cost route between Canberra and Melbourne. It will also hire a commissioner for international engagement with the task of improving Canberra's ties with cities abroad.

Qantas Announces New Card Payment Fee Structure

11th Jul 2016.

Qantas Airways has responded to ACCC charges by announcing a new payment fee structure. In May, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said it would enforce penalties on any firm passing on higher cost for card payments than what it cost to accept them.

QantasLink Discontinues Melbourne to Coffs Harbour Service

9th Jul 2016.

QantasLink announced on Friday that it will discontinue its weekly direct service between Melbourne and Coffs Harbour due to lower customer demand.

Melbourne Airport Reopens Runway After Bad Weather

8th Jul 2016.

Melbourne Airport has reopened its runway after closing it on Thursday and delaying flights this Thursday. Qantas operated 18 domestic flights per hour, while it usually gets to 25.

Virgin Australia Velocity Points Can Now be Used to Pay for Petrol at BP

6th Jul 2016.

Virgin Australia has announced on its website that its Velocity Frequent Flyer members can now pay for fuel with their points on BP service stations.

Virgin Australia Resumes Sydney to Abu Dhabi Service

5th Jul 2016.

Virgin Australia will resume Sydney-Abu Dhabi flights in September, after completing the cabin upgrades on its Boeing 777-ER aircraft. VA29 and VA30 (scheduled between 9th and 30th August) will be transferred to Etihad?s services.

Qantas CIO Luc Hennekens Quits

4th Jul 2016.

Qantas Chief Information Officer Luc Hennekens has quit the airline in order to live closer to his family and pursue new job in France. Hennekens will leave at the end of September.

Mobile Phone Battery Sparks a Fire on Qantas Flight

1st Jul 2016.

A crushed mobile phone battery sparked a fire on Qantas flight VH-OJS between Sydney and Los Angeles (over Kiribati Island). ATSB is investigating the incident

Qantas and Virgin Australia Shares Drop Following Brexit

29th Jun 2016.

Following UK?s exit from the European Union, shares of both Qantas Airways and Virgin Australia dropped on the market. Qantas dropped 4%, while Virgin slid 7% on Tuesday.

Virgin Australia Hires John Thomas as New Aviation Consultant

28th Jun 2016.

Virgin Australia has appointed John Thomas as its new aviation consultant. Thomas is the current managing director/partner at LEK consulting company and will be responsible for VA?s domestic and international operations.

Qantas Offers Triple Points on Flights from Sydney and Melbourne to London

28th Jun 2016.

Qantas airways passengers can now earn triple points when flying from Sydney and Melbourne to London. Frequent Flyer members will be rewarded with 50,000 extra Qantas Points on return flights.

Qantas Unveils Refurbished Premium Contact Centre in Hobart

23rd Jun 2016.

Qantas has officially revealed the refurbished premium contact centre in Hobart Airport, Tasmania and has announced it will enhance capacity on Launceston-Melbourne.

Virgin Australia's Samoa bound Plane Forced to Circle Back to Auckland

21st Jun 2016.

Virgin Australia's flight from Auckland to Samoa had to circle back to the airport after only two hours in the air due to 'precautionary reasons'.

Virgin Teams Up With SeriesFest for the TV and Content Festival

20th Jun 2016.

Virgin Group's TV production and film arm Virgin Produced has teamed up with SeriesFest and will select up to eight pilots from its Independent Pilot Competition. The selected pilots will be distributed to Virgin Australia and Virgin America flights.

Virgin Australia Secures Traffic Rights for Beijing and Hong Kong

20th Jun 2016.

Virgin Australia has secured the necessary traffic rights from the International Air Services Commission (IASC) to start flights to Beijing and Hong Kong from 1st June, 2017. VA has yet to reveal witch Australian city will it connect with these destinations.

Jetstar's 27h Bali Adelaide Delay Causes Passenger Discontent

16th Jun 2016.

Jetstar flight JQ1128 between Bali and Adelaide was delayed by 27 hours, causing anger among its passengers. The flight finally arrived at 9:15 AM on Tuesday.

ATSB Virgin Australia ATR 72 Risked Crashing for Five Days

16th Jun 2016.

According to the second ATSB report on Virgin Australia?s turbo-prop ATR 72, which avoided a major incident on 20th February, 2014, the plane was at risk of crashing for five more days before it was finally grounded.

Qantas Codeshares with Air Vanuatu on Brisbane to Luganville from 6th July

15th Jun 2016.

Qantas Airways will start codesharing with Air Vanuatu from 6th June on flights between Brisbane and Luganville. This will be a twice-weekly service.

Virgin Australia Expands Frequent Flyer Partnership with Alitalia

15th Jun 2016.

Virgin Australia and the Italian flag carrier Alitalia have extended their frequent flyer partnership, which now allows members Velocity frequent flyer program to earn points and status credits for flights within Europe

Virgin Australia Launches "The Business" and "Economy Space +" on B777-300ER

1st Jun 2016.

Virgin Australia has launched the new Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy Space + seats on its flights between the United States and the Middle East on Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

Virgin Australia Applies for Daily Australia to Beijing, Hong Kong Flights

1st Jun 2016.

Virgin Australia has applied for regulatory permission to launch daily flights between Australia and Beijing and Hong Kong. These services should commence in June.

'Inaccurate Weather' Forecast to Blame for Virgin Australia Emergency Landing in 2013

31st May 2016.

According to air safety investigators, inaccurate weather forecasts were to blame for Virgin Australia?s emergency landing on fog-covered Mildura Airport on 18th June, 2013.

HNA Group Buys Virgin Australia Holdings Stake

31st May 2016.

HNA Group, owned by billionaire Chen Feng, has bought a stake in Virgin Australia Holdings Ltd. HNA Group purchased 13 per cent in VA for AUS$159 million (US$114 million), with plans to go up to 20 per cent.

Jetstar in the Top 10 Safest LCCs in the World

30th May 2016.

Qantas' subsidiary Jetstar has entered's top 10 safest low cost airlines in the world list at number 8. Jetstar hasn't suffered a crashed plane in its history.

Qantas and WestJet Enter Reciprocal Frequent Flyer Agreement

26th May 2016.

Qantas has entered a reciprocal frequent flyer agreement with the Canadian-based airline WestJet. Frequent Flyer members of both airlines will be able to earn both Qantas Points and WestJet dollars when flying with either airline.

Virgin Australia has Attracted Several Suitors, Says Richard Branson

26th May 2016.

Richard Branson, founder and owner of Virgin Group, said Air New Zealand's stake in Virgin Australia has attracted a number of interested buyers.

Virgin Australia Most Punctual National Carrier in April

24th May 2016.

Virgin Australia was the most functional Australian carrier in April. This is the second month in a row that VA bested Qantas and other carriers.

Qantas, National Australia Bank, Westpac Invest in Data Republic

23rd May 2016.

Australian carrier Qantas, National Australia Bank and Westpac Banking Corp have invested a combined $10.5 million into Data Republic?s Series A equity fundraising round.

Jetstar Adds Adelaide to Sunshine Coast Flights

16th May 2016.

Jetstar will launch direct flights from Adelaide to the Sunshine Coast from September this year. The airline will operate the route three times per week - on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Qantas Joins Proud to 'Call Australia Home' Campaign with Charlie's Cookies

13th May 2016.

Qantas has joined Charlie's Cookies in a new campaign called 'Proud to Call Australia Home', with some new in-flight snacks to provide support for nonprofit organizations.

Singapore Airlines Closely Monitors Situation at Virgin Australia

13th May 2016.

Officials from Singapore Airlines have said they are keeping an eye on developments at Virgin Australia after its biggest shareholder Air New Zealand announced it will sell part or its entire stake there.

Qantas Partners with Meridian Energy

11th May 2016.

Meridian Energy has announced a partnership with the Australian airline Qantas through which it will offer customers free membership in the carrier?s Frequent Flyer Program and reward new customers with 10,000 Qantas Points.

Qatar Rule out Buying Air NZ Stake in Virgin Australia

9th May 2016.

Qatar Airways Chief Executive Officer Akbar Al Baker has ruled out the possibility of this airline buying Air New Zealand?s stake in Virgin Australia.

Qantas CEO Says Domestic Airlines are Showing "Discipline" Despite Sluggish Economy

5th May 2016.

Qantas Chief Executive Officer Alan Joyce says Australian airlines have shown "discipline" in the wake of a sluggish, pre-election domestic economy.

Air NZ Plans to Sell Virgin Australia Stake by 30th June

4th May 2016.

Air New Zealand is planning to sell all or a part of its 25.9 per cent stake in Virgin Australia by 30th June. Now we wait to see who comes in its place.

"Drunk and Stoned" Qantas Pilot has Appeal Bid Refused

4th May 2016.

A Qantas pilot who has been fired after groping a female co-worker?s breast in an intoxicated state has had his bid to have the dismissal reviewed refused.

Qantas Introduces the 'Next Frontier' in its Big Data Journey

3rd May 2016.

Luc Hennekens, Qantas CIO explains why he is no longer satisfied with just understanding the customer experience between take offs and landings.

Qantas CEO Plays Down Rival's Low Trans Pacific Fares

3rd May 2016.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce is playing down (or attempting to, at least) the concerns regarding the low trans-Pacific fares its rivals are offering.

Qantas Unveils New Pilot Uniforms With More Thought to Women

2nd May 2016.

On Friday Qantas unveiled new pilot uniforms, the first to be designed for both men and women. The airline?s latest uniforms, from 2003, were the same for both genders.

Qantas Gives Six Boeing 737 Freighters to Australia Post

2nd May 2016.

Several Qantas fleet will wear StarTrack livery as the Australian airline sets aside six of its 14 Boeing 737 freighters for Australia Post to use.

Qantas and Vietnam Airlines Invest $181.5 Million in Pacific Fleet

27th Apr 2016.

Australian airline Qantas and Vietnam Airlines have revealed their plan to invest more than 180 million dollars in low-cost carrier Jetstar Pacific.

Average Price of Domestic Fares in Australia Has Dropped in Q1 2016

25th Apr 2016.

After rising by 8-9 per cent in 2015, this year the average price of domestic tickets in Australia dropped by nearly 6 per cent in the first quarter of 2016 due to lower demand.

Jetstar CIO to Leave Airline in August

22nd Apr 2016.

After two years as the head of the IT department, Jetstar Chief Information Officer Grainne Kearns will leave the airline in August.

This Jetstar Hostess Showed What Service Really Means

21st Apr 2016.

A Facebook post written by a passenger about her positive experience with one Jetstar hostess and how the hostess helped her and her kids catch a train home went viral.

Jetstar Objects to Drip Pricing Fine

21st Apr 2016.

Virgin Australia is willing to pay its $200,000 fine for drip pricing, but Jetstar is objecting to its $550,000 penalty for the same offence.

Qantas Cuts Back on Planned Domestic Flights Due to Lowered Demand

19th Apr 2016.

Faced with reduced demand from Australians Qantas and its low-cost subsidiary Jetstar have decided to cut back on planned flights on domestic routes.

Air NZ Dismisses Reports of Virgin Australia CEO Meeting

13th Apr 2016.

Air New Zealand has dismissed earlier reports that its Chief Executive Officer Christopher Luxon will be meeting with Virgin Australia execs this week to discuss the sale of Air NZ?s stake in VA.

Regions are Calling out for Jetstar Despite "Teething Problems"

12th Apr 2016.

Qantas Chief Executive Officer Alan Joyce, admits regional carrier Jetstar has had some "teething problems", but says regions are still calling out for it.

Qantas Introduces Parental Leave Pause for Frequent Flyer club Members

12th Apr 2016.

Qantas introduced a parental leave pause program for silver, gold and platinum members of its Frequent Flyer club. This allows parents who take a minimum of six months leave to raise a kid to keep all their perks.

Woolworths Roll Out Qantas Loyalty Points Scheme

11th Apr 2016.

Woolworths and Qantas have signed a three-year deal (announced in December) that will allow customers to convert Woolworths Dollars into Qantas Points.

Virgin Australia Finds New International Partner in Alitalia

11th Apr 2016.

Virgin Australia has found a new international partner in the Italian flag carrier Alitalia. Alitalia is 49% owned by one of VA?s major shareholders - Etihad.

Singapore Airlines Ups its Stake in Virgin Australia

8th Apr 2016.

Singapore Airlines has decided to up its stake in Virgin Australia. The Singaporean now owns 23.11 per cent of the Australian airline.

Qantas and Tourism Australia Back on Good Terms

8th Apr 2016.

Tully: "It makes sense of Tourism Australia and Qantas to work together, all Australians are better off for it, we're happy about it."

Jetstar Starts Winter Melbourne Queenstown Service

6th Apr 2016.

Australian airline Jetstar announced the start of a new daily evening service between Melbourne and Queenstown between 24th June and 31st August.

Air NZ Flags a Full or Partial Sale of its Virgin Australia's Share

31st Mar 2016.

Virgin Australia could soon be without its biggest shareholder as Air New Zealand flagged a full or partial sale of its stake in the Australian Airline. Air NZ owns 26 per cent stake in Virgin Australia.

Tigerair Cancel Denpasar-Australia Flights

30th Mar 2016.

Tigerair Australia was forced to cancel direct one-way flights from Bali to Australia as it failed to get an approval from Indonesia regulator. Instead, flights were rebooked on Virgin Australia.

Tourism Australia Makes Data Sharing Deal with Virgin Australia

29th Mar 2016.

Tourism Australia has made a data sharing deal with Virgin Australia. This will allow the two companies to share data and better target consumers, especially in the US.

Tigerair Australia Launches Flights for Bali

25th Mar 2016.

Tigerair Australia has announced on Wednesday that it will start a new service to Bali from Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. This makes Tigerair the newest Australian international airline.

Virgin Australia Secures a $425 Million Loan

22nd Mar 2016.

Virgin Australia is planning to borrow $425 million from major shareholders as a part of its transformation from budget to diversified airline and to stay competitive with Qantas and Jetstar.

Airnorth Starts Toowoomba-Melbourne Service

15th Mar 2016.

Airnorth starts regular public transport (RPT) between Toowoomba?s Brisbane West Wellcamp and Melbourne Tullamarine.

Airlines Working Together on Locally-Produced Aviation Biofuel

14th Mar 2016.

Australian and New Zealand airlines Virgin Australia and Air New Zealand are now working together to investigate the possible use of 'locally-produced aviation biofuel'.

Jetstar Ground Service Threaten April Holiday Strike

11th Mar 2016.

The Transport Workers Union has applied for a protected action ballot with the Fair Work Commission. This could lead to the Jetstar ground service going on a strike during school April holidays.

Qantas American Joint Venture Meets Heavy Opposition

8th Mar 2016.

Oneworld partners Qantas and American are meeting some resistance from Hawaiian and JetBlue when it comes to their proposed joint venture to bring more flights between Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Qantas and ViaSat Sign Memorandum of Understanding

1st Mar 2016.

Australian carrier Qantas Airways has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with ViaSat to offer high-quality in-flight Wi-Fi to its passengers on domestic flights.

Changes in Virgin Australia's Velocity Frequent Flyer Award Redemptions

29th Feb 2016.

Virgin Australia is looking to adjust the award redemptions that members of its frequent flyer program Velocity can get. Changes will take place in 1st June, 2016.

ACCC Approves Qantas-American Airlines Alliance for Five Years

28th Feb 2016.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission granted on Thursday a five-year approval for the Qantas-American Airlines partnership. The partnership will see the two airlines offer flights across the Pacific.

Qanta's Plan to Hire 170 New Pilots Meets Pilot Union's Approval

24th Feb 2016.

Qantas pilot union welcomed the airline's decision to hire 170 new pilots, saying this is 'just the tip of the iceberg', seeing the Flying Kangaroo's improved performance.

16 Drunken Passengers Escorted Off a Jetstar Plane

23rd Feb 2016.

A group of 16 intoxicated passengers were escorted off a Jetstar Sydney-bound plane this Monday morning at Melbourne Airport. No charges were laid against the passengers.

Qantas Launches Free In Flight WiFi on Australian Flights

23rd Feb 2016.

Qantas has announced that it will enable free in-flight web for passengers in Australia. The Australian carrier, however, will first trial the in-flight Wi-Fi on a Boeing B737, before it decides its next move.

Virgin Australia Tweets: EAD You Douche: to Kanye West. Oops!

16th Feb 2016.

Virgin Australia told Kanye West to "EAD you douche" via twitter. The airline operator has later apologized for this and said this was not published by a VA employee.

Virgin Australia and Alliance Aviation Enter Charter Partnership

15th Feb 2016.

Virgin Australia has entered a long-term charter partnership with Alliance Aviation Services. The two airlines are now waiting for the approval from the competition regulator.

Qantas, Virgin Australia Back ICAO's Carbon Emissions Limit Agreement

12th Feb 2016.

Qantas and Virgin Australia have both backed an international deal to limit carbon dioxide emissions and fight greenhouse gas pollution that the aviation industry is causing.

Qantas, Emirates Planes Nearly Miss Each Other Over Melbourne Airport

8th Feb 2016.

A video footage shot by a passenger on 5th July last year, shows that two Qantas and Emirates plane nearly missed each other over Melbourne Airport.

Virgin Australia Expands Codeshare with Delta Air Lines to Mexico

5th Feb 2016.

Virgin Australia and Delta Air Lines have revealed that they have strengthened their codeshare alliance. The Australian and the American carrier are now bringing Australian passengers to Mexico.

Qantas Partners With Vodafone

2nd Feb 2016.

Qantas has partnered with mobile operator Vodafone. Signing up for ?Qantas Red? plan for a 24-month contract will grant the customer a truckload of Qantas Points as well as Vodafone?s $5 daily flat-rate international roaming.

Virgin Australia Halts Vanuatu Service

28th Jan 2016.

Virgin Australia has stopped all flights to and from the island of Vanuatu due to concerns regarding the Port Vila?s Airport international runway.

Virgin Australia Keeps Service to Vanuatu For Now

26th Jan 2016.

After its team of safety experts gave a green light to fly in and out of Port Vila, Virgin Australia will continue its service to Vanuatu.

Qantas Suspends Codeshare with Air Vanuatu

22nd Jan 2016.

Due to the conditions of the Vanuatu?s international runway at Port Vila, Qantas has suspended its codeshare agreement with Air Vanuatu.

Jetstar Apologizes for Canceling Perth-Bali Last Saturday

22nd Jan 2016.

Jetstar apologized to passengers who were waiting to board the plane from Perth to Bali for canceling the flight due to an attendant calling in sick and not showing up for work.

Jetstar Ballina-Sydney Flight Cancelled, Passengers Wait 7+ Hours

20th Jan 2016.

A Jetstar flight from Balina to Sydney was delayed more than seven hours, apparently due to some troubles with the water onboard the plane.

Qantas Engineers Get a 5 Per Cent One-Time Bonus

19th Jan 2016.

After 6 months of negations, Australian airline Qantas has finally managed to come to terms with its engineers to have them agree to an 18-month freeze. In return, the engineers will get a one-time 5 per cent bonus.

Air Marshal Restrain Violent Passenger on Sydney Flight

18th Jan 2016.

A man, who became violent after Qantas staff refused to serve him alcohol during flight, had to be restrained by an air marshal. He was later met with police once the plane landed on ground.

Routehappy: Australian Airlines to Soon Offer In-Flight Wi-Fi

17th Jan 2016.

According to Jason Rabinowitz, data manager for Routehappy, Australian carriers could soon start offering in-flight Wi-Fi on international routes.

Jetstar Refuse Upgrade to Injured TV Reporter

30th Dec 2015.

Australian TV reporter Jodi Lee criticized Jetstar for not allowing her an upgrade to business class and having her pay extra for a pillow for her injured leg.

Airnorth Brings 10 Extra Direct Flights Weekly to Toowoomba

27th Dec 2015.

Biggest Australian regional carrier, Airnorth, revealed today it has made a deal that will allow it to bring 10 more direct weekly flights into Toowoomba. Among them will be direct flights between Toowoomba and Melbourne.

Virgin Australia to Enter Codeshare with All Nippon Airways

27th Dec 2015.

Virgin Australia and All Nippon Airways (ANA) could soon be entering a codeshare agreement for domestic Australian routes as the Japanese carrier looks for a codeshare partner in the region.

Jetstar Turn away German Tourist With for 'Dog-Eared' Passport

24th Dec 2015.

Andreas Hunter from Germany couldn't board his flight on Jetstar from Phuket to New Zealand because he was told his 'dog-eared passport was in an 'unacceptable condition'.

Virgin Australia Passengers to Benefit from Future Check in

23rd Dec 2015.

Australian carrier Virgin Australia and SITA have launched a new passenger check-in service. The new solution enables the carrier to offer different levels of self-service, based on passenger preferences.

Woman Rants on Facebook about Jetstar Seat

23rd Dec 2015.

Jetstar passenger wrote a lengthy Facebook rant to complain about the "windowless seat by the window" the airline put her on her last flight.

Jetstar Melbourne to Singapore Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Darwin

22nd Dec 2015.

A Jetstar Melbourne-Singapore flight had to make an emergency landing in Darwin when the pilot notices one of the instruments on the board was faulty.

Qantas Takes off to San Francisco for the First Time Since 2011

18th Dec 2015.

Qantas returns to San Francisco for the first time since 2011 with flight QF 73 from Sydney Airport. The Boeing 747-400ER departed from Sydney at around 3:10 P.M. Australian time.

Jetstar Union Negotiations Not Going Well Could be 2011 All Over Again

17th Dec 2015.

Negotiations between Qantas-owned Jetstar and the ground crews are not going well for either party and the union is claiming that the airline is threatening to ground the entire fleet.

Qantas Adds New Melbourne-Singapore Flights

17th Dec 2015.

Qantas has decided to boost its capacity on flights between Australia and Asia with three extra flights per week between Melbourne and Singapore.

No Hoverboards on Qantas Flights

16th Dec 2015.

Amid concerns they could cause a fire, Australian carrier Qantas Airways is banning hoverboards from all of its flights. Emirates, American Airlines and several other companies have also made the same ban.

Jetstar Plane Returns to Runway after Just 15 Minutes in the Air

14th Dec 2015.

Passengers on Jetstar's Saturday Auckland-Dunedin flight were in the air for only about 15 minutes before the pilot was forced to turn the plane back when it started "jerking and shuddering".

Jet Airways Makes Its Way Into Apple Watches

10th Dec 2015.

Jet Airways makes it possible for users of Apple Watch to browse the airline?s latest travel news and advisory.

ACCC Reauthorizes Virgin Australia-Etihad Alliance until December 2020

9th Dec 2015.

The ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) has reauthorized the Virgin Australia-Etihad partnership for another five years. Their alliance now extends to 30th December, 2020.

Qantas Won't Pursue Deeper Partnership with MAS

9th Dec 2015.

Qantas Airways will not pursue deeper alliance with Malaysia Airlines; despite the fact its Oneworld partner recently signed a code-share agreement with Emirates.

Jetstar Announces Flights from Avalon to Adelaide and Hobart

9th Dec 2015.

Jetstar will start two new routes from Avalon Airport ? one to Adelaide and one to Hobart ? starting March, 2016. The opening fare will be on sale early Tuesday.

Melbourne Airport to Improve Virgin Australia's Domestic Terminal

9th Dec 2015.

Melbourne Airport officials have pledged to improve the domestic terminal Virgin Australia is using and eventually expand its international terminal into some of the Qantas? domestic terminal.

ATSB and CASA to Investigate Jetstar's Takeoff Procedures

5th Dec 2015.

Jetstar's takeoff procedures will be under scrutiny by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau after it was established that two of its planes took off with more passengers than they were supposed to.

Virgin Australia Names New CIO

4th Dec 2015.

Virgin Australia names Cameron Stone as its new chief information officer after former CIO Lawrie Turner was promoted to group exec for business services.

Jetstar's Engineering Problems Cause Delays at Avalon Airport

1st Dec 2015.

Engineering problems on two Jetstar's aircrafts on Avalon Airport have disrupted travel plans for hundreds of passengers at this airport.

"Jetstar Acts like Pinocchio", Says Air NZ Ad

1st Dec 2015.

As Jetstar begins its regional services out of New Zealand with pomp, rival airline Air New Zealand steps up, mocking its claims of punctuality with an ad representing Jetstar plane's nose stretched out like Pinocchio's.

Qantas Opens Online Mall for New Zealand Frequent Flyers

30th Nov 2015.

Members of Qantas Frequent Flyer program in New Zealand can now earn Points when shopping online, as the Australian airline has opened a new Qantas Online Mall for them.

Qantas-American Airlines Alliance Expansion Given Nod by ACCC

28th Nov 2015.

The Australian competition regulator, ACCC, has given a draft approval to Qantas and American Airlines to continue expanding their trans-Pacific alliance for five more years.

Who's the Most Punctual in Australia? Virgin Australia

27th Nov 2015.

Virgin and Qantas continue to go back-and-forth when it comes to who is the more punctual in Australia. Last month it was Virgin.

Mount Rinjani Active Again, Forces Virgin and Jetstar to Cancel Bali Flights Again

27th Nov 2015.

With Mount Rinjani volcano active again and ash coming out of it, both Virgin Australia and Jetstar are forced to once again cancel flights between Australia and Bali.

Qantas Offers Daily Flights from Sydney to Dallas in April

26th Nov 2015.

Australian airline Qantas is set to launch another flight between Sydney and Dallas/Fort Worth beginning in April 2016, making this a daily service now.

Virgin Australia Launches Christchurch-Rarotonga Service

26th Nov 2015.

Virgin Australia is ready to launch weekend flights between Christchurch and Rarotonga, Cook Islands in seven months. Tickets are already on sale beginning with NZ$299.

Watch Out for This Qantas Phone Scam

24th Nov 2015.

The authorities warn Australians of a new, sophisticated phone scam that could leave their wallets empty. The scammers are claiming to be calling from Qantas and several other major Australian brands.

Virgin Australia Enriches its Short Haul International Network

23rd Nov 2015.

Virgin Australia COO Judith Crompton announced 10 new return services between Sydney and Auckland and 9 more return services between Melbourne and Auckland every week beginning on 30th June, 2016.

Qantas Awards Active Frequent Flyers

23rd Nov 2015.

Qantas is looking to award its more physically active frequent flyer members with extra points by introducing a new product ? Qantas Assure, which will allow members to earn points for meeting a target through their wellness app.

Qantas to Offer Satellite Internet Access on A380 Domestic and USA Flights

19th Nov 2015.

Qantas prepares to offer satellite Internet access on its Airbus A380 flights to certain domestic and USA routes, says CEO Alan Joyce.

Virgin and Jetstar Misled Customers Over Airfares, Says ACCC

17th Nov 2015.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission found Virgin Australia and Jetstar misleading and deceiving customers about the cost of travel.

Virgin Australia Jet Gets Rocked by Storm in Queensland

17th Nov 2015.

A 70-seat passenger plane from Virgin Australia has been hit, spun and blown down the Moranbah Airport?s runway in Queensland during a harsh storm.

Qantas Pilot Taps Wrong Data Into iPad, Causes Tail to Strike Tarmac

16th Nov 2015.

Safety aviation authorities have confirmed that two separate mistakes by pilots led to a Qantas plane with 152 passengers headed from Sydney to Darwin hitting its tail on a tarmac.

AAdvantage to Form Closer Link with Qantas

16th Nov 2015.

World's largest frequent flyer program AAdvantage is looking to work out a closer link with Qantas' frequent flyer scheme that would provide benefits to both American Airlines and Qantas.

Virgin Australia Moves to New Perth Airport Domestic Terminal

13th Nov 2015.

Virgin Australia is getting ready to open a new domestic terminal at Perth Airport. This will give the carrier "leading position" in the Western Australia aviation market, said chief exec John Borghetti.

Jetstar and Virgin Australia Started Flying People Back From Bali

12th Nov 2015.

Jetstar and Virgin Australia have both started returning stranded tourists from Bali on Thursday. However, flights to Bali are still cancelled.

Jetstar Turns Back 4 Planes Due to Volcanic Ash Cloud over Bali

11th Nov 2015.

Australian airline Jetstar was forced to turn back four of its planes that were en route for Bali due to a volcanic ash cloud over the Denpasar airport.

Qantas and American Airlines Hint Major New Zealand Announcement

10th Nov 2015.

Qantas and American Airlines chief executives Alan Joyce and Doug Parker are set to travel to Wellington this Wednesday for a major announcement that could be of great interest for New Zealanders.

Jetstar Joins Tigerair Australia at Tullamarine Terminal 4

10th Nov 2015.

Qantas-owned low-budget airline Jetstar moved to Melbourne Tullamarine's brand new Terminal 4. This is the second carrier, after Tigerair Australia to do so.

Virgin Australia and Jetstar Terminate Bali Flights for Monday

9th Nov 2015.

Virgin Australia and Jetstar have once again cancelled all flights in and out of Bali after both airlines decided that the flying conditions are unsafe because of the ash cloud from the Mount Rinjani.

Jetstar and Virgin Australia Cancel Bali Flights

3rd Nov 2015.

Jetstar and Virgin Australia have cancelled all flights in and out of Bali due to concern about volcanic ash from Mount Rinjani

Qantas Reveals Big Plans for Jetstar Pacific with Vietnam Airlines

3rd Nov 2015.

Qantas Airways and Vietnam Airlines confirm long-term expansion of their joint venture Jetstar Pacific, potentially doubling the size of its fleet to 30 aircraft in the next five years.

A Bet is a Bet! Qantas Crew Wears All Black Jerseys After Losing Wager

1st Nov 2015.

Qantas was true to its word following Australia's Rugby World Cup Final against New Zealand. As "punishment" the loser's cabin crew had to wear the winner's colours, so Qantas crew donned All Black.

Qantas and Air New Zealand Engage in Twitter 'War'

30th Oct 2015.

Qantas Airways and Air New Zealand engage in a friendly Twitter war ahead of the Rugby World Cup final. Who will have to repaint its planes?

Etihad Salutes ACCC's Call on its Alliance with Virgin Australia

30th Oct 2015.

Etihad Airways has welcomed ACCC?s decision to approve its alliance with Virgin Australia on the Australia-Abu Dhabi route beyond 25th February next year.

Qantas Hikes Up Flight Costs for the AFL Grand Final

29th Oct 2015.

Qantas has decided to increase the price of return flights for the Australian Football League Grand Final on 1st October to almost AUS$3000. One way tickets prior to that date for Perth-Melbourne will be only AUS$379.

Qantas was the Most Punctual Australian Carrier in September

29th Oct 2015.

After three months of seeing Virgin Australia top it for the title of "most punctual for arrivals", Qantas is once again Australia's most on-time airline according to BITRE with 91.8% on-time arrivals in September.

Australia and New Zealand to Trial Cloud Passports

29th Oct 2015.

Losing one's passport has always been the dread of every traveler. Well, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs is looking to put a stop to that and move from classic paper/plastic to cloud passports.

Jetstar Opens New Gold Coast Service to Avalon

27th Oct 2015.

Jetstar Australia gets ready to open a new route to and from Gold Coast. The carrier will fly between Avalon and Gold Coast, bringing its total passenger tally in and out of Avalon to 780,000 seats/year.

Virgin Australia Finally Opens Perth Terminal

27th Oct 2015.

After a long wait and some delays, Virgin Australia finally sets to open a new terminal at Perth Airport on 22nd November, making transfer between regional and international flights easier for passengers.

Qantas and oOh! Media Join Together to Support Australian Paralympians

22nd Oct 2015.

Qantas and oOh! Media have joined forces to support the Australian Paralympic Team in its effort to reach the Rio Olympics and gain necessary public donations.

Virgin Australia to Sell Old SkyWest Planes

21st Oct 2015.

Virgin Australia to decommission eight Fokker 50 planes it inherited from SkyWest in 2013 in the first half of next year because of a ?negative outlook? for the operations.

Qantas to Wear Retro Roo Livery Again in November

19th Oct 2015.

Qantas' second 'Retro Roo' jet will take off in November, in one of the 12 liveries reminiscent of the carrier's 95 year flying history, the airline announced today.

Jetstar Plane Had Brake Indicator Problems but Landed Safely at Perth Airport

16th Oct 2015.

Jetstar JQ117 landed aircraft safely at Perth Airport following problems with break fault indicator, to the delight of passengers and crew on board.

Qantas Ups International Routes Fares by $10 to $200 per Ticket

16th Oct 2015.

Qantas is set to increase the price of international flights between $10 and $40 for economy and between $20 and $200 in business class.

Qantas, Solomon Airlines Announce Codeshare Agreement

15th Oct 2015.

Qantas announced the signing of a new codeshare agreement with Solomon Airlines. The partnership should offer significant benefits for those traveling between Australia and Solomon Islands.

Qantas Plans Longest Commercial Flight in the World

14th Oct 2015.

Qantas plans to open the longest commercial route in the world, a 14,000 kilometer flight from Perth, Australia to London, U.K. by 2017.

Qantas Sees No Risk Flying Over Iran and Caspian Sea

14th Oct 2015.

Although some carriers have decided to change their routes and avoid Iran and the Caspian Sea following an advisory by European regulators, Qantas is not among them. Names Qantas Best of the Best in Luxury Air Travel

13th Oct 2015.

Popular travel site named Australian carrier Qantas and Singapore Airlines Best of the Best in luxury air travel.

Qantas and Emirates Talk of Expanding Alliance

9th Oct 2015.

Qantas will be looking at ways to grow its partnership with Emirates, says the carrier?s CEO Alan Joyce. One possibility would be bringing new routes into Australia.

Jetstar to Start Flying Between Cairns and China

7th Oct 2015.

Australian low cost carrier Jetstar could soon start offering direct flights between Cairns and China, said Mayor Bob Manning following talks with Qantas CEO Alan Joyce.

Qantas and Emirates Grow Partnership with Extra Destinations

7th Oct 2015.

Qantas Airways is looking to fly Boeing 787-9s from Dubai to mainland Europe and Emirates could soon connect Darwin and Cairns as part of the carriers? partnership over the next 3-5 years.

Virgin Australia Adopts Amadeus Flight Management Tools

2nd Oct 2015.

Virgin Australia will be the first airline not using the Amadeus Altea Suite to deploy Amadeus Altea Departure Control Flight Management tool as a standalone package.

Virgin Australia New Business Seats Delayed for Australia US

2nd Oct 2015.

Virgin Australia's new business seats on the Australia-US route will be delayed until early 2016 because of certification problems. The original plan was to introduce them in November.

Jetstar Prepares for Summer Season with 800 Extra Flights to Queensland

28th Sep 2015.

Australian low budget carrier Jetstar surprised its customers with 800 extra flights to the Sunshine State as part of its new summer schedule it revealed today.

Man Who Wouldn't Stop Smoking His E-Cig on a Jetstar Flight to be Fined $850

28th Sep 2015.

A man who refused to put out his e-cigarette on a Jetstar Sydney-Sunshine Coast flight is looking to get an 850 dollar fine.

Jetstar Switches From A330s to 787 Long Haul Fleet

28th Sep 2015.

Qantas subsidiary Jetstar has finished moving its long-haul fleet from Airbus A330s to Boeing 787s. The final A330 service will operate on Friday on the Honolulu-Brisbane flight.

Virgin Australia Unveils New Brisbane Airport Domestic Lounge

25th Sep 2015.

Virgin Australia revealed on Wednesday their new and improved Brisbane Domestic Lounge, with more seats, more retailers and a better valet service.

Qantas Gets a Go Around Order Because of a Slow Solomon Airlines Plane

23rd Sep 2015.

Australian carrier Qantas received a "go around" order this morning from the Air Traffic Control at Brisbane Airport as a Solomon Airlines aircraft was still on the runway Qantas' plane was supposed to land on.

Qantas to Meet Disabled Campaigner's Needs

22nd Sep 2015.

The Flying Kangaroo issued a note this Monday, pledging to meet the needs of disabled campaigner Kim Jargo.

Virgin Australia Dismisses Qantas' Request for More Info on TigerAir Flying to Bali

22nd Sep 2015.

Virgin Australia dismisses Qantas request for to IASC for more information about the capacity of Virgin?s subsidiary TigerAir Australia to operate Bali services.

Qantas to FlyPink in October to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

21st Sep 2015.

3,000 pilots across the Qantas Group will "FlyPink" in October and wear pink epaulets raise breast cancer awareness and support the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Qantas Says Check Terms and Condition

17th Sep 2015.

Two Qantas passengers had a nasty, $400 surprise in store from them from Qantas, when they decided to upgrade their flight. Qantas? response: check the terms and conditions.

Qantas Resumes Bali Flights after 7 Years Absence

17th Sep 2015.

After seven years of being absent from Bali (except during the ash cloud emergency during August), Qantas will be returning to this island with direct flights from Sydney to Denpasar.

Qantas Cuts Seat Selection Fees on International Flights

15th Sep 2015.

Qantas announced today that it will ax most advanced seat selection fees for the majority of its international flights for economy class

Qantas adds More Sydney-Manila Flights for the Holiday Season

11th Sep 2015.

Qantas Airways says it is just a regulatory approval away from operating Sydney-Manila route five times a week for the holiday season.

Airnorth and North Territory Sign Air Services Agreement

10th Sep 2015.

Airnorth and North Territory have signed an air services agreement which will see the regional carrier fly between Katherine, NT and Alice Springs, Darwin and Tennant Creek.

Qantas Waits for Next Gen Planes to Fly Non-Stop to NY

10th Sep 2015.

Qantas Airways is replacing some older aircraft on its Asian and US routes with newer plane models. The carrier has ordered eight 767-9s to replace its five Boeing 747s.

Qantas Expands Sydney-Hong Kong with More Flights

9th Sep 2015.

Qantas? Sydney-Hong Kong service gets expanded to four flights per week; with the possibility of moving to daily flights should the demand be enough.

Qantas Partners with Tourism New Zealand

8th Sep 2015.

Qantas and Tourism New Zealand have announced a joint partnership today. The partnership will look to attract passengers across the Tasman in the fall and promote tourism between peak and off-peak season.

Jetstar Gold Coast-Wuhan Service Takes off Late September

8th Sep 2015.

Australian carrier Jetstar receives IASC traffic rights for non-stop flights between Gold Coast and Wuhan, China. Service will begin later this month.

Hugh Jackman Joins Qantas as Global Ambassador

8th Sep 2015.

Famous Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman has become the new global ambassador for the Australian carrier Qantas Airway and will join John Travolta and Miranda Kerr.

Qantas Names Alan Chang its Country Manager for China

4th Sep 2015.

Australian carrier Qantas Airways names former Emirates regional sales manager for Taiwan Alan Chang to be its country manager in China.

Fair Work Rules in Qantas Favor in Dispute with Sacked Employee

3rd Sep 2015.

Fair Works has ruled in the favor of Qantas Airlines over the dispute with the employee the airline has sacked because she was giving her family, friends and acquaintances cheap fares to New York and Venice.

Virgin Australia Opens New Brisbane Lounge, with Premium Entry

2nd Sep 2015.

Virgin Australia?s Premium Entry is now available at Brisbane Airport. Just follow the signs and they will lead you to a new and improved domestic lounge

Jetstar to Fly Townsville-Bali

2nd Sep 2015.

Australian airline Jetstar is set to start the new Townsville-Bali service with an inaugural flight on Wednesday night.

Qantas Puts RetroRoo Charity Joy Ride on Sale

1st Sep 2015.

Tickets for the ?once in a lifetime' joy flight onboard Qantas Boeing 737 'RetroRoo' from Sydney to Longreach for 31st October are now on sale.

Virgin Australia and Jeppensen Ink Crew Operations Partnership

1st Sep 2015.

Virgin Australia has put pen to paper on a crew operations agreement with Jeppensen, for the later to provide VA with its Crew Tracking solution.

Qantas Flight from Dubai Lands in Perth, Instead in Sydney

31st Aug 2015.

Qantas A380 flight from Dubai to Sydney had to make an unplanned landing in Perth as it experienced a problem with one of its fuel pumps. The aircraft was already delayed 3 hours.

Qantas Extends Naming Rights Partnership with the Australian Rugby Union

27th Aug 2015.

Qantas and the Australian Rugby Union announced on Thursday that the airline will extend naming rights for the Qantas Wallabies and Qantas Australian Men?s and Women?s Sevens teams for four extra years.

Auckland Airport Welcomes Jetstar Move

26th Aug 2015.

Chief executive of Auckland Airport Adrian Littlewood said the arrival of Jetstar to regional routes will be good for the airport and the travelers.

Two Unruly Teenage Girls Restrained on Qantas Sydney-Perth Flight

25th Aug 2015.

Qantas crew on board the flight from Sydney to Perth was forced to restrain two teenage girls as they were behaving disorderly. The girls were walked off by AFP once the plane landed.

ACCC Gives Green Light to Qantas China Eastern Alliance

21st Aug 2015.

The greatest obstacle to Qantas Airways- China Eastern Alliance) has been cleared, as the Australia's antitrust regulator gave his approval for it.

Qantas Looks to Perth as its New Non Stop Hub to Europe

21st Aug 2015.

Qantas Airways plans to make Perth its new non-stop hub for flights from Australia to Europe and the United Kingdom.

Qantas Records AUS$557M Profit in 2015

20th Aug 2015.

Qantas Airways has posted a 557 million Australian dollars (about 409 million US dollars) year profit on Thursday. Last year, the carrier recorded a $2.6 billion loss.

Actor Alec Doomadgee Stopped from Bringing Boomerangs on Qantas Plane

19th Aug 2015.

Aboriginal cultural ambassador Alec Doomadgee found himself in an unpleasant situation when he was refused to bring ceremonial boomerangs with him on Qantas plane.

Qantas Sells Back Sydney Airport Terminal Lease for AUS$535M

19th Aug 2015.

Qantas Airways has sold the lease on its Sydney domestic terminal back to the airport operator for a reported AUS$535 million ($394 million).

Lyell Strambi Named New Melbourne Airport CEO

19th Aug 2015.

Former senior executive for Qantas Airways Lyell Strambi has been named the new CEO of Melbourne Airport. Strambi was the leading candidate to replace Chris Woodruff.

Qantas Gets Australians Out of Bangkok after Bomb Attack

18th Aug 2015.

Australian carrier Qantas said it will help Aussies get out of Bangkok after a bomb attack at a nearby shrine killed 22 people.

Qantas Combines First and Business Class Brisbane Lounge into Premium

16th Aug 2015.

As a part of the multi-million dollar airport upgrade, Qantas has decided to combine its first and business class lounges at the Brisbane Airport into a premium lounge.

Virgin Australia and Delta Air Lines Cleared for Australia U.S. Routes

15th Aug 2015.

Virgin Australia and Delta Air Lines have received the final clearance from regulators for their Australia-United States routes alliance.

Virgin Australia, Etihad Renewing Alliance on Australia-Europe Routes

14th Aug 2015.

Looking to better compete with Qantas-Emirates alliance, Virgin Australia and Etihad are seeking approval from regulators to renew their alliance on the Kangaroo route.

Qantas Adds Extra 110 Trans-Tasman Flights

11th Aug 2015.

Qantas Airways has decided to add more flights to New Zealand over summer. The Australian carrier will add a total of 110 trans-Tasman flights between December and February.

Qantas Singapore to Melbourne Flight Delayed Overnight

10th Aug 2015.

Qantas Airways flight QF36, which was supposed to fly from Singapore to Melbourne, failed to land at Changi Airport, leaving passengers stranded there.

Qantas Wins Australian HR Team of the Year Award

10th Aug 2015.

Australian carrier Qantas has won the Australian HR Team of the Year award this Friday at The Star Sydney.

Train at the Gym and Earn Qantas and Virgin Points

6th Aug 2015.

Qantas and Virgin Australia let you earn frequent flyer points if you join, or are an active gym goer at either Snap Fitness or Jetts.

No Break for Jetstar and Virgin in Bali

6th Aug 2015.

Australian carriers Jetstar and Virgin Australia were forced to cancel flights to and from Bali once again as the nearby Mount Raung volcano started spewing volcanic ash into the atmosphere again.

Qantas CEO OK with Badgerys Creek Airport not having a Rail Link

4th Aug 2015.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said he doesn't have a problem with the new Badgerys Creek Airport potentially not having a rail link when it finally opens.

Qantas Airways Axes Several A330 Flights

31st Jul 2015.

Australian carrier Qantas Airways will cut several of its transcontinental flights operated by Airbus A330s from October. This includes Sydney-Perth and Melbourne-Perth services.

Qantas Airways Adds Extra Flights to Tokyo

31st Jul 2015.

Qantas Airways has announced the launch of double daily services between Australia and Tokyo this weekend. The new flights will be Sydney-Tokyo and Brisbane-Tokyo.

Qantas Pilots Accept Pay Deal Airline Free to Buy Dreamliners

30th Jul 2015.

Since the majority of Qantas pilots voted in favor of a 4-year deal (including an 18-month pay freeze), the Australian carrier is now free to buy a fleet of new Boeing 787 planes.

Qantas Online Mall gets 16 New Members

29th Jul 2015.

16 new retailers have been added to Qantas Online Mall. This includes Lenovo Rebel Sport and Uniqlo. Qantas Online Mall allows FF members to earn 5 points for AUS$1 spent.

Hawke's Bay Prepares for Another Jetstar's Visit

29th Jul 2015.

Hawke's Bay prepares for another visit by Jetstar executives as the multi-million airport terminal expansion begins. Hawke's Bay is one of 7 potential new destinations for Jetstar in New Zealand.

Jetstar Resumes Flights to Bali as Ash Threat Disperse

23rd Jul 2015.

Jetstar will be resuming its services to Bali. The Australian carrier canceled flights to this island once Mount Raung volcano erupted and started sending an ash cloud into the air.

Qantas Resumes Sydney to San Francisco Flights

23rd Jul 2015.

Australian carrier Qantas said it will continue its service from Sydney to San Francisco and back following the approval the Australian regulation authorities gave to its codeshare deal with American Airlines.

Jetstar Cancels Morning Sunshine Coast to Sydney Flights

23rd Jul 2015.

Jetstar passengers who wanted to fly from Sunshine Coast to Sydney in the mornings will have to find an alternative as the carrier canceled this service.

Once Again, Jetstar and Virgin Australia Cancel Bali Flights

23rd Jul 2015.

Both Jetstar and Virgin Australia have canceled flights to and from the island of Bali as the conditions have once again became unsafe for flying due to and ash cloud from Mt. Raung.

Qantas Announces More Flights to Sunshine and Gold Coasts

23rd Jul 2015.

Australian carrier Qantas will add more flights to the Sunshine and Gold coasts beginning late October. The airline has already introduced discount fares for the new flights.

Ice at Melbourne Airport Delays Qantas and Jetstar Flights

20th Jul 2015.

Nine Qantas and nine Jetstar flights were delayed this morning due to ice forming on the wings of the jets. Qantas had to wait for the sun to melt the ice as their de-icing truck wasn't working.

Fatigued Virgin Australia Pilot Entered Wrong Data into Low Flying Plane

17th Jul 2015.

After examining the reasons as to why the Virgin Australia plane flying from Los Angeles to Melbourne on 15th August, 2013 was flying too low, safety investigators concluded the pilot was "fatigued".

Jetstar Returns 10,000+ Tourists from Bali

17th Jul 2015.

Over 10,000 holiday makers safely returned to Australia from Bali, thanks to Jetstar operating 20 flights between the two destinations in order to get the tourists out of the volcano-threatened island.

Qantas Plane Plunge Scares Passengers Airline Sends Email

16th Jul 2015.

Qantas Wellington-Sydney flight lost height suddenly while in mid-air shortly before landing in Sydney. Naturally, this scarred the passengers on board.

Virgin Australia Delays Bali Flights Again

15th Jul 2015.

Following another major eruption from Mount Raung, Virgin Australia has decided to delay flights to Bali yet again. The other Australian carrier flying to the island, Jetstar confirmed its Wednesday flights.

Qantas Pilot Who Saved 469 Lives to Speak at AirVenture 2015

15th Jul 2015.

Richard de Crespigny, Qantas Airlines pilot who led his crew in flying an Airbus A380 with 460 passengers aboard safely to the ground following an engine explosion, will speak on 19th July at the AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Consumer Groups Warn Jetstar about Automatic Opt-Ins

13th Jul 2015.

Consumer advocacy group CHOICE and its counterparts from Australia are targeting Jetstar with a campaign to make this carrier aware of automatic opt-ins on booking websites.

Jetstar Considering Invercargill Route

10th Jul 2015.

Jetstar spokesman said the company will assess the numbers to see if Invercargill has enough passenger potential that would warrant domestic flights from the city starting December.

Binge Watch HBO TV Shows on Qantas Flights

10th Jul 2015.

Qantas fliers will from now on be able to catch up on their favorite TV shows. The Australian carrier has partnered with Foxtel to bring four of its channels to its in-flight entertainment.

Qantas Speeds up Boarding with Earlier Checkins

10th Jul 2015.

In order to speed up the boarding process Australian airline Qantas Airways now requires domestic passengers to check in at the airport at least half an hour before the scheduled departure.

Virgin Australia Cancels Flights to Bali

10th Jul 2015.

Virgin Australia has canceled all flights from Australia to Denpasar, Bali that were scheduled for Friday due to a volcanic ash cloud from Mount Raung.

Qantas Returns Two A330s to CIT by the End of 2015

8th Jul 2015.

Qantas will return two Airbus A330-200 planes to CIT Aerospace by the end of 2015 as they are scheduled for conversion to multi-role tanker transports for the Royal Australian Air Force.

Qantas Pilot Sick Tired When His Plane Was Flying too Low

8th Jul 2015.

On the day his plane was flying too low and was forced to pull up, Qantas pilot was sick, and was feeling tired, the Australian Transport Safety Authority have found out.

Jetstar Resumes Flights to Bali as Ash Threat Disperse

5th Jul 2015.

Jetstar will be resuming its services to Bali. The Australian carrier canceled flights to this island once Mount Raung volcano erupted and started sending an ash cloud into the air.

Qantas Offer $90M Bonus for 18 Month Wage Freeze

5th Jul 2015.

Qantas has offered its employees a one-time bonus payment of up to $90 million, but this works only for those who agree to an 18-month wage freeze.

Qantas Glitch Offers Cheap Australia to LA Flights

3rd Jul 2015.

Qantas online booking system offered cheap flights from Australia to Los Angeles, but it was all due to a glitch, the Australian carrier says.

Virgin Australia Bali to Brisbane Canceled Due to Sick Crew Member

3rd Jul 2015.

Virgin Australia was forced to cancel its Bali-Brisbane flight as one of its crew members came down with an undisclosed illness.

Qantas Most On Time Australian Carrier in May

3rd Jul 2015.

According to the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics Qantas was the most punctual Australian carrier in May.

Virgin CFO Sankar Narayan to Leave in September

30th Jun 2015.

Virgin Australia Chief Financial Officer Sankar Narayan set to leave the carrier in September after over four years at the company. He'll be replaced by Geoff Smith.

Qantas Plane Grounded in LA Due to Problems with Hydraulics

30th Jun 2015.

Qantas superjumbo A380 was grounded in Los Angeles after a problem with its hydraulics systems was discovered. The carrier redeployed a Boeing 747.

Qantas Says Leap Second Won't Cause Reservation System Outage

30th Jun 2015.

Australian carrier Qantas is confident the leap second, which is to be added tomorrow, will not cause an outage in its reservation systems.

Qantas Brings Back Perth to Singapore Route

27th Jun 2015.

After dropping the route as "underperforming" in May 2014, Qantas decided to bring back Perth to Singapore on its flying schedule.

Qantas Lowers Air Fares Paid by Frequent Flyer Points

27th Jun 2015.

Qantas has announced it will lower fees paid for international flights with frequent flyer points by up to 25 percent as a result of lower fuel costs.

Hong Kong Rejects Jetstar as New Local Carrier

27th Jun 2015.

After almost two years of negotiations and reflecting, city authorities in Hong Kong have rebuffed the offer from Australian low cost airline Jetstar to start a local carrier.

Virgin Australia Introduces New Premium Economy Cabin

25th Jun 2015.

Virgin Australia introduced the new Premium Economy cabin for business and leisure travelers on long routes. Now with more legroom!

Qantas Looking to Block Alan Joyce Speechwriter's Book

25th Jun 2015.

Qantas is looking to block the publication of a new book titled: "Fighting Words" written by Alan Joyce's former speechwriter Lucinda Holdforth.

Qantas Signs 5 Year Mail Business Deal with Toll Group

25th Jun 2015.

Qantas signed a 5-year-deal with the Toll Group to transport mail and packages throughout Australia. The carrier has also penned a new contract with Australia Post also for 5 years.

Virgin Australia to Attract American Travelers

23rd Jun 2015.

Virgin Australia and Tourism Australia are about to make an alliance worth $50 million with a focus on attracting travelers from United States.

Jetstar to Kiwis: "Where do You Want Us to Fly"

22nd Jun 2015.

Jetstar is looking to add 4 regional flights to New Zealand and has launched a social media campaign asking customers where they want the carrier to fly.

Jetstar to Axe Mackay Gold Coast Route

22nd Jun 2015.

Jetstar has announced that it will suspend its service between Mackay and the Gold Coast, as it is deemed "unsustainable" by the company.

Qantas Bid Now Upgrades Available for Premium Economy

22nd Jun 2015.

Qantas has expanded its ?Bid Now? scheme, making it available for premium economy passengers on international flights. It was so far only available for business class upgrades.

Jetstar Not Happy with Sunshine Coast Council's Passenger Charge Increase

18th Jun 2015.

Australian carrier Jetstar warns that the latest Sunshine Coast council's passenger charge hike will cost the region's tourism $8 million.

Qantas Flies to Top 10 In World Airline Rankings

18th Jun 2015.

Per the new airline rankings, Australian carrier Qantas has moved up one space and it now occupies 10th place among the world airlines.

Former Qantas Chief Lyell Strambi New Melbourne Airport CEO

17th Jun 2015.

Ex Qantas executive Lyell Strambi is a possible candidate to become the new Melbourne Airport CEO at the end of the month.

Qantas, American Looking to Deepen Alliance to Compete for US-Oceania Routes

17th Jun 2015.

According to Qantas and American Airlines, they are proposing to strengthen their alliance in order to compete successfully with other carriers on US-Oceania routes.

Drunken Qantas Passenger Fined $2,500

15th Jun 2015.

Drunken passenger, who groped a woman's breast on a Qantas plane has been fined 2,500 Australian dollars, but has evaded jail.

Qantas and American Extend Partnership

10th Jun 2015.

Qantas Airlines and American Airlines have extended their alliance since Tuesday as the U.S. carrier announced L.A-Sydney flights.

Jetstar Pilot Lands Plane in Rockhampton due to Fumes

9th Jun 2015.

A Jetstar flight, which was scheduled to fly from Brisbane to Mackay, had to land at Rockhampton Airport as the pilot noticed a smoke in the cabin.

ACCC Approves Virgin Australia Delta Alliance Extension

5th Jun 2015.

Virgin Australia and Delta Air Lines have been given permission by ACCC to continue their joint venture alliance on trans-Pacific routes for five more years.

Jetstar Charter Turns Back to Solomon with FIFO Miners

4th Jun 2015.

A Jetstar charter plane carrying miners from Solomon was forced to land near Tom Price in the Pilbara region after fumes began filling the cabin.

Jetstar Passenger Files Complaint After Air Rage Incident

4th Jun 2015.

One Australian mother filed a formal complaint after another passenger onboard the Jetstar flight from Melbourne to Sydney this Sunday hit her child with a reclining seat.

Bird Delays Virgin Australia'Melbourne Launceston Flight

2nd Jun 2015.

Virgin Australia flight from Melbourne to Launceston, scheduled for 8:35 a.m. was delayed for 90 minutes this morning as a bird flew into the cabin.

China Wants ACCC on Board the Qantas-China Eastern Deal

2nd Jun 2015.

The Chinese government has urged the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to stop opposing the Qantas-China Eastern deal.

Qantas Plane Diverts to Sydney Due to Mechanical Issues

2nd Jun 2015.

A Qantas flight QF93, scheduled from Melbourne to Los Angeles, was diverted to Sydney airport due to an undisclosed mechanical issue. Should depart at 5:00 p.m. today.

Qantas and Jetstar Lower Capacity in April

29th May 2015.

Qantas and Jetstar had to take out more seats out of the Australian market last month. The two carriers were forced to this move mostly due to the timing of public holidays.

Qantas Strikes a Deal with AIPA, Gets Closer to 787-9s

28th May 2015.

Australian carrier Qantas has made an initial deal with the Australian and International Pilots Association regarding pilots' wages on Wednesday.

Qantas Offers Free Digital Papers via PressReader

28th May 2015.

Qantas passengers are now able to download newspapers and magazines on their mobile devices via digital publishing service PressReader.

Jetstar Celebrates 11 Years Since its First Flight

25th May 2015.

Jetstar celebrates 11 years of flying domestic and international skies amid a fierce competition from other low-cost Australian carriers.

Qantas Cash Gives 3 FF Points for One Dollar Spent

22nd May 2015.

The Australian carrier offers its Qantas Cash members up to three frequent flyer points per one dollar they spend flying with the airline.

Qantas FF Points Now Redeemable With Avis and Budget

20th May 2015.

Australian carrier Qantas announced today that their frequent flyer members can redeem points on car hare with Avis and Budget in both Australia and in New Zealand.

Qantas Fuel Surcharges Remaining High

20th May 2015.

Qantas, alongside Emirates and Singapore Airlines have yet to lower their fuel surcharges on international flights with the oil prices keep going down.

Qantas Confident of Fleet Security After Hacker's Claims

18th May 2015.

Qantas responds to a US hacker claiming he could take over a plane through its in-flight entertainment system by saying they are confident in their fleets' security.

Qantas, Virgin Australia End Capacity War, Surge Air Fares

16th May 2015.

With the conclusion of the capacity war waged between Qantas and Virgin Australia, many investors are relieved, but things are not as good for passengers.

Qantas Shares Reach 6 Year High Thanks to Fuel Bill Savings

13th May 2015.

Qantas shares reach six year high thanks to a drop in oil prices that allowed it to cut its fuel bill this year. Qantas share is now at A$3.56 after jumping 7.2%.

Qantas Reveals the Secret to its In Flight Food

12th May 2015.

Qantas reveals how much planning it takes to make a delicious in-air meal. Their secret ingredient to preparing food that doesn't taste like cardboard - umami.

Qantas Unveils Luxury LAX Business Lounge

8th May 2015.

Australian carrier Qantas makes Los Angeles luxury lounge even more appealing to its guests by increasing its capacity threefold and adding new content for customers.

Qantas Adds More Flights Between Hamilton Isle and Brisbane

6th May 2015.

Qantas Airlines announced additional flights between Hamilton Island and Brisbane, making the journey to and from Whitsundays a bit easier.

Qantas Launches The Joey Club for Youngest Flyers

4th May 2015.

Australian carrier Qantas and the children's entertainment group "The Wiggles" have teamed up to introduce "The Joey Club" for the airline's youngest Frequent Flyers.

"Have You Tried Turning it On and Off Again?"

3rd May 2015.

Aircraft manufacturer Boeing asks carriers operating its Dreamliner planes to turn them on and off again in order to prevent losing control of the jet.

Apple Watch Doesn't Fit Into Qantas Scanners

29th Apr 2015.

Recently released Apple Watch cannot fit into the Qantas fixed scanners. As a result, passengers are unable to use the Qantas app.

Qantas, China Eastern Propose 'Capacity Conditions'

29th Apr 2015.

Qantas Australia and China Eastern offer a

Virgin Voted Best Place for Work in Australia

27th Apr 2015.

Virgin Australia was voted as the best workplace in the country in the annual Randstad Awards. The carrier has been lauded as the "most attractive employer".

Virgin Australia Reveals 'The Club'

26th Apr 2015.

Virgin Australia reveals an invitation-only VIP frequent flyer tier called 'The Club' in order to compete with Qantas Chairman's Lounge.

Qantas A380 Damaged in Maintenance, Ticket System Fails

24th Apr 2015.

Qantas Airbus A380 was damaged in Sydney during maintenance. Ticket system at Auckland Airport fails, forcing delays for Qantas travelers.

Qantas Remembers and Honors ANZAC Heroes

22nd Apr 2015.

At a commemorative event before it flies to Turkey for the Centenary of ANZAC, ten widows of WW1 veterans were guests of honor.

Qantas and Emirates Expand Flying Partnership

20th Apr 2015.

Qantas and Emirates might be looking to expand their alliance beyond the agreed five-year period, says Tim Clark, president and CEO of Emirates.

Qantas Restores Perth to Singapore Route

18th Apr 2015.

Australian airline company Qantas has decided to reinstate its direct service from Perth to Singapore starting late June.

Port Lincoln-Adelaide QantasLink Plane Forced to Turn Back

18th Apr 2015.

A failed right propeller forced the QantasLink flight Q-300 from Port Lincoln to Adelaide to turn around and land with only one left still working.

Qantas Airlines to Use Smaller Planes

16th Apr 2015.

A spokesperson for Qantas confirmed yesterday that the Australian carrier will use smaller aircrafts on 4 out of 13 services from Brisbane to Mount Isa.

Government Gives Thumbs Up to Qantas-China Eastern Alliance

13th Apr 2015.

Qantas has received an important boost in their partnership with China Eastern. The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development said they

Qantas Discuss Social Media Strategy Risks

13th Apr 2015.

Qantas Group's risk and audit manager Andrew Monaghan explains the risk and benefits social media poses to companies such as Qantas Airways.

Qantas Changing Rules for Frequent Flyer Points

9th Apr 2015.

Australian airliner Qantas readies new set of rules on how many frequent flyer points travelers will earn when flying with partner carriers.

QantasLink to Whyalla to Improve Local Tourism

9th Apr 2015.

According to Damien Kitto, chief exec of the Adelaide Convention Bureau, Australian carrier?s new link to Whyalla will provide a boost to the regional tourism.

Sydney Airport Back on Schedule after Heavy Fog Disrupts Traffic

6th Apr 2015.

Following a heavy fog that disrupted traffic at the airport for much of this morning, Sydney Airport returns to its normal schedule.

What Links Qantas 747-400 Crew to Gallipoli (Except Passengers)?

5th Apr 2015.

As they prepare to fly the veterans and families of Gallipoli for centenary of the landings, Qantas 747-400 crew has its own links to the battle.

Qantas and Emirates Fly 2 Million Since 2013

3rd Apr 2015.

Since the start of their partnership two years ago, Qantas Australia and Emirates have flown over two million passengers between them.

Australia Ponders 2 People Cockpit Rule

2nd Apr 2015.

Australian air travel authorities are investigating if their carriers should implement a two-person cockpit rule following the Germanwings crash.

Australia to Block Qantas China Eastern Link

1st Apr 2015.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission issued a draft to deny permission for Qantas and China Eastern's Australia-China link as they fear it will raise Sydney-Shanghai fares.

Qantas Airlines to Impose Dress Code in its Lounge

1st Apr 2015.

Qantas Club members and their guests are from now on required to follow a dress code if they want to enjoy this airline company's network of business lounges.

Australia Enforces Two-Person Cockpit Rule

30th Mar 2015.

Australia will immediately implement the two person cockpit rule to improve flight safety following the Germanwings tragedy which killed 150 passengers and crew

Qantas Airways Gets A Boost From Cricket World Cup Demand

30th Mar 2015.

The Cricket World Cup fever has boosted Qantas Airways' yields as cricket fans from around the world travel throughout Australia to view cricket matches.

Virgin Adds Google Street View to Sydney Lounge

29th Mar 2015.

Virgin Australia and Google have joined forces to create an interactive tour experience of the airline company's Sydney airport lounge for passengers using Google Street View Maps.

Jetstar Set For Its Maiden Flight To Fiji

29th Mar 2015.

Jetstar will make its maiden flight to Fiji tomorrow. 180 passengers from Coolangatta will visit Nadi, a tourism-friendly district in Fiji.

Virgin Australia Retains Most Punctual Airline Title

25th Mar 2015.

Virgin Australia is Australia's most punctual airline for the fourth straight month, beating Qantas and others. Virgin Australia Regional also made it to the list.

Qantas To Revamp Brisbane and Auckland Lounges

17th Feb 2015.

Qantas is mulling over to revamp its two international lounges in both Brisbane and Auckland to cater to the evolving taste of its international guests.

Qantas May Offer Connectivity on Domestic Flights First

23rd Jan 2015.

Passengers of Qantas domestic flights will be able to enjoy the airline's in-flight connectivity ahead of their international counterparts once the airline deploys the service.

Indonesia AirAsia X Postpones Inaugural Service

21st Jan 2015.

Indonesia AirAsia X has postponed the launch of its inaugural service indefinitely, pending compliance of required documents from Australian regulators.

Qantas Upgraded A330 Goes Pfft

20th Jan 2015.

Qantas's upgraded A330 much heralded debut went pfft as a handful of technical glitches and similar mishaps marred its launch on January 7 aboard the Melbourne-Singapore flight.

Qantas to Introduce Sleep Sooner Service

16th Jan 2015.

Qantas is set to introduce a revolutionary service called 'Sleep Sooner', which enables business travelers to get an extra hour of sleep on board.

Qantas To Mount Additional ANZAC Flight To Turkey

6th Jan 2015.

Qantas has decided to add another special flight to Istanbul, Turkey during the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of ANZAC force landing in Gallipoli.

SkyWest Undergoes Restructuring

6th Jan 2015.

SkyWest Airlines is currently undergoing a restructuring program primarily to boost profitability and reduce losses by downsizing its fleet.

Qantas Voted Safest Airlines

6th Jan 2015.

Qantas, was adjudged as the safest airline in the world, according to aviation safety and product rating website which rates all operating airlines around the world.

Jetstar Bullish On Thai Market

5th Jan 2015.

Jetstar Group remain bullish on Thai market as it plans to add more flights to the country's capital through its Vietnamese affiliate, Jetstar Pacific Airlines.

Qantas Flight Turns Back To Melbourne

1st Jan 2015.

A Qantas plane that had just took off was compelled to turn back to Melbourne Airport after a restless and visibly agitated passenger attempted to pry open the door.

Sydney Airports Axes Express Lane

30th Dec 2014.

Sydney Airport has terminated its express lanes in the arrivals zones in favor of the color-coded lanes which separate travelers with goods to declare.

Qantas' Last B767 Performs Its Swan Song

27th Dec 2014.

The Qantas' last B767 aircraft, which has been in service for more than two decades, makes its graceful exit when it performs its final flight Saturday last week.

Reading Out of Poverty Is Recipient of Jetstar Flying Start

23rd Dec 2014.

Reading out of Poverty, a Melbourne-based charity organization, has received cash assistance from Jetstar, making it this year's third recipient of the airline's annual grants.

Jetstar Computer Glitch Causes Chaos

20th Dec 2014.

The glitch in Jetstar's computer system a few days before Christmas has caused chaos, and disrupted the otherwise festive mood of the passengers during the holiday season.

Qantas Introduces New First Lounge at LAX

19th Dec 2014.

Qantas has unveiled its newest and more commodious Qantas First Lounge at the Los Angeles International Airport, setting a new world standard.

Virgin Australia To Offer Wi-Fi Service on Domestic Flights

18th Dec 2014.

irgin Australia is mulling to offer an in-flight Wi-Fi service across its domestic network as soon as the National Broadband Network satellite network is launched.

Rumors On Qantas First B747-400 Debunked

18th Dec 2014.

The rumors surrounding Qantas' first Boeing 747-400 jetliner, which had its inaugural flight in 1989, was finally put to stop after HARS President issued statements recently.

Qantas Uses Ramps For Planes in Hobart

17th Dec 2014.

Qantas continues to improve its customer's travel experience when it decided to use ramps for faster boarding and disembarkation of passengers at Hobart International Airport.

Jetstar To Launch Wellington-Melbourne Service

17th Dec 2014.

Jetstar will soon expand its service to the Kiwi capital by March next year when it launches direct flights between Melbourne and Wellington.

Jetstar To Fly To Bali and Wellington

17th Dec 2014.

Jetstar will soon launch another route to Indonesia's resort island from Australia mainland with the launch of Cairns-Bali service next year.

Two Qantas Senior Officials Leave The Company

14th Dec 2014.

The state flag carrier's two senior officials, Simon Hickey, Qantas International honcho, and Lyell Strambi, Qantas Domestic head, will be leaving the company effective January next year.

Scoot Marks Singapore-Perth Service Anniversary

12th Dec 2014.

Scoot is all set for the first-year anniversary celebration of its direct service between Singapore and Perth, Western Australia's capital.

Qantas Now Offers SMS Mobile Check-in

12th Dec 2014.

Qantas has introduced SMS or text messaging-based check-in service to provide its customers one more option to enhance their travel experience with the airline.

Scoot To Open Singapore-Melbourne Route

10th Dec 2014.

Scoot has been bullish with its Australian operations, as it announced the opening of Singapore-Melbourne route late next year.

Another Qantas Plane Takes A U-turn

9th Dec 2014.

Another Qantas aircraft from Hobart to Melbourne had to take a u-turn back to Tasmanian capital when it suffered a technical glitch 20 minutes after take-off.

Star Alliance To Offer Dedicated Security Lanes at Sydney Airport

1st Dec 2014.

Star Alliance is planning to install dedicated security lanes at Sydney International Airport exclusively for its Gold members to fast-track their access to airport procedures.

Would Qantas' Flying Roo Take Them to Profitability?

27th Nov 2014.

Qantas has celebrated its 70 years in style, adopting the kangaroo identity with the latest retro-livery painted on its newly-acquired B737-800 aircraft.

Virgin Australia, South African Airways Bolster Partnership

23rd Nov 2014.

Star Alliance members Virgin Australia and South African Airways have bolstered their partnership through their frequent flyer programs.

Virgin Australia Expects FY15 Q2 Profit

22nd Nov 2014.

Virgin Australia is expecting a pre-tax profit during the second quarter of the current fiscal year after capacity war with rival airlines eased up.

AirAsia X To Cut Service Down Under

21st Nov 2014.

AirAsia X is seeing a not-so-rosy future in its Australian operations, prompting the budget carrier to cut back service down under.

Jetstar To Lower Carry On Baggage Limit

21st Nov 2014.

Jetstar will soon impose a new policy for passengers' carry-on baggage by cutting down the maximum weight limit on both domestic and international flights.

Qantas Planes Sport Retro-Livery

20th Nov 2014.

Qantas, the state flag carrier, has unveiled a new livery for all its planes last week, giving tribute to the past seven decades of its existence as Australia's flag carrier.

Qantas Starts To See Profits

18th Nov 2014.

Qantas has finally started to see profits during the first quarter of 2014, an improvement over the previous financial year's huge losses.

Qantas Flight Diverted To LA Airport

18th Nov 2014.

A Qantas flight bound for Sydney, Australia was diverted to Los Angeles International Airport for a medical emergency landing.

Brisbane Airport Treats Travelers With Free Coffee and Tim Tams

15th Nov 2014.

Brisbane Airport has something for travelers who get affected by the upcoming 2014 G-20 Brisbane Summit starting later this week with free coffee vouchers and packs of Tim Tam chocolate biscuits.

Qantas and Virgin Fight Over Business Travelers

7th Nov 2014.

The intense rivalry between Qantas and Virgin, seem to go on a higher level as they enhance their offerings to attract the lucrative business travel market.

Qantas Allows Frequent Flyer Points Transfer

5th Nov 2014.

Qantas now allows transfer of frequent flyer points from a member to any of the members of his family, setting a trend in frequent flyer program innovation.

Jetstar Lambasted For Website Crash

29th Oct 2014.

Jetstar was severely lambasted by displeased customers through the social media following the sudden crash of its website during the height of its seats sale.

Qantas Aircraft Flies Too Low Over Southwest Canberra

29th Oct 2014.

A Qantas-operated aircraft was found to have flown dangerously low over land 35 kilometers southwest of Canberra, a violation of the world aviation standard?s 7,000 feet.

Melbourne Airport Welcomes Indonesia AirAsia X Entry

28th Oct 2014.

Melbourne Airport has welcomed the decision of Indonesia AirAsia X to launch its inaugural service between Bali and Melbourne before the end of this year.

Jetstar and AirAsia X Square Off For Melbourne Bali Route

28th Oct 2014.

Jetstar and AirAsia Xsquare off for dominance over the lucrative Melbourne-Bali route by launching their respective all-in one-way fares on Monday.

Ex Employee Sues Qantas Over Harassment

23rd Oct 2014.

A former Qantas employee has sued the carrier for bullying after the company's management ordered her and other co-workers to remove the crucifix that they wore to work.

Singapore Airlines Rescue Tigerair

19th Oct 2014.

Singapore Airlines, the mother unit of Tigerair, has come to the rescue of the ailing budget carrier to prevent it from possible collapse by bailing it out.

Qantas Frequent Flyer Points Earned Plunge

4th Oct 2014.

Qantas Frequent Flyer points earned on discount fares have plunged by as much as 40%, based on an in-depth analysis by an American think tank, IdeaWorksCompany.

Virgin Australia Calling For Owner of Engagement Ring

3rd Oct 2014.

Virgin Australia is calling the attention of an individual, or probably, a couple who may have lost their ring of betrothal at the airline's lounge at Melbourne Airport.

Jetstar And Newcastle Airport Told To Offer Concession

2nd Oct 2014.

Jetstar Airways and Newcastle Airport were told by Hunter Tourism chairman to settle their long-standing dispute over a planned increase of landing fees at the airport.

Qantas Pilots Avoid Near-Miss Collision

2nd Oct 2014.

Two Qantas pilots on two separate aircraft were able to maneuver their respective planes to avoid what could have been another disastrous mid-air collision.

Virgin Australia To Do Seat Changes On Economy, Business Class

1st Oct 2014.

Virgin Australia will do some changes on its economy and business class cabins in its bid to outclass its major rival in their race to attract corporate and government travelers.

Melbourne Airport Mulls Over New International Terminal

1st Oct 2014.

Melbourne Airport has just revealed its plans to build a new international terminal to replace the aging facility dubbed T2, which has been in operation for almost 50 years.

Qantas Dislodges Delta For Longest Flight From USA

1st Oct 2014.

Qantas dislodges Delta Airlines from the top spot to operate the longest non-stop flight departing from USA with the launch of its Dallas/Fort Worth-Sydney route.

Qantas Passengers Unloaded After Man Skips Screening

27th Sep 2014.

Passengers on Qantas flights were told to disembark from their planes immediately after a man breached the airport security screening procedure.

Qantas And Virgin Take Their Battle To A Higher Level

26th Sep 2014.

Qantas Airways and Virgin Australia are taking their battle into a higher level when they clash anew with their own strategy to entice the government and corporate travelers.

Virgin Australia and Singapore Airlines Frequent Flyer Points Convertible

24th Sep 2014.

Members of both Virgin Australia's Velocity Frequent Flyer and Singapore's KrisFlyer Miles will soon be able to convert their points from one programme to another.

Virgin Australia B777 Fleet To Get a Makeover

24th Sep 2014.

Virgin Australia's fleet of five B777 jetliners will get a makeover when the airline starts working on a major improvement program next year.

Virgin, Qantas Engage In Battle Royale

24th Sep 2014.

Bitter rivals - Qantas and Virgin Australia once again engaged themselves in an incessant battle for market leadership, this time, luring the well-heeled business travelers.

Qantas To Operate At Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport

22nd Sep 2014.

Qantas Airways will soon operate at the new Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport, making it the first major carrier to serve the town of Toowoomba.

Qantas Makes Earning Frequent Flyer Points Complicated

22nd Sep 2014.

Australia's struggling flag carrier Qantas makes earning points for its frequent flyer program a bit less attractive to its loyal patrons, according to a US-based consulting firm.

Qantas Plane Gets Diverted To Cairns

21st Sep 2014.

A Qantas flight bound for Sydney got diverted instead to Cairns Airport after an inebriated passenger created a scene inside the cabin, disturbing other passengers on board.

Australian Customs Starts eGate Trial Run

8th Sep 2014.

Australian Customs has started to install the automated state-of-the-art innovative facility to screen departing passengers at the Brisbane Airport.

QantasLink To Inaugurate Service To Toowoomba

6th Sep 2014.

QantasLink will soon launch a direct service to Toowoomba, linking the 'The Garden City' with Sydney through the new Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport.

Virgin Australia Gets New Lounges at Perth and Darwin

6th Sep 2014.

Virgin Australia keeps improving and expanding its airport lounge network around the country with the scheduled opening of two facilities in the first half of 2015.

Jetstar To Employ Baggage Officers At The Airports

4th Sep 2014.

Jetstar Airways will deploy a team of baggage officers at the country's major airports to crack down violators on the airline's carry-on baggage policy.

Jetstar To Strictly Impose Luggage Rule

3rd Sep 2014.

Jetstar Airways is about to strictly impose its luggage policy on all its flights to provide optimum comfort to all its customers on board.

Qantas Domestic Yields Still Falling

3rd Sep 2014.

Qantas Airways is still facing uncertainty over its domestic operations, and is yet to see tangible benefits following the downward trend in domestic yields.

Qantas Keeps Frequent Flyer Program Despite Losses

2nd Sep 2014.

Qantas Airways is not letting go of its Frequent Flyer program anytime soon amidst its mounting losses and indebtedness, resulting to the downsizing of its operations.

Qantas Now Allows Customers Use Gadgets

26th Aug 2014.

Qantas passengers are now allowed to use their digital gadgets after the aviation regulatory body granted the airline's request to change its electronic device policy.

Virgin Australia Now Allows In-flight Use of Digital Devices

26th Aug 2014.

Virgin Australia will not be outdone by its closest rival, as it also introduced the use of digital device on board all its flights.

Qantas Plane Weighed Down During Take-Off

22nd Aug 2014.

Qantas Airways literally struggled to take off after all its adult passengers were seated at the front cabin while 87 children occupied the rear cabin.

Qantas Beats Rivals With More On-Time Flights

21st Aug 2014.

Qantas has once again bested its rivals as it logged the most on-time flights among the country's airlines, making it its fifth successive honor since 2009.

Sydney Airport Station To Cap User's Fee

20th Aug 2014.

Fees at the train stations of the international and domestic terminals of Sydney Airport will be pegged at $21 per week for Opal public transport card users.

Qatar Airways Upgrading Perth Service

18th Aug 2014.

Qatar Airways will soon upgrade its service between Doha and Perth using the wide-body Boeing 777-300, boosting the route's capacity by about 30 percent.

Qantas Club Lures New Members Sans Joining Fee

18th Aug 2014.

Qantas Club is aiming to boost its numbers by dangling sweet deals, such as the waiving of the $395 joining fee and doubling the points each member will earn.

Easing Of Trans-Tasman Travel To Boost Tourism

18th Aug 2014.

Trans-Tasman travel between New Zealand and Australia would soon get a boost with the easing of travel charges to increase tourism and trade between the two countries.

Qantas To Increase Trans-Tasman Frequency

17th Aug 2014.

Qantas is set to augment its flight frequency across the Tasman Sea with the introduction of additional 11 return flights to New Zealand this December.

Qantas To Revise Points Scheme For Frequent Flyers

15th Aug 2014.

Qantas is planning to revise the point scheme of its frequent flyers program soon in a bid to grow its customer base, thru working closely with airline partners.

Sydney Airport Drinks To The Nations Busiest Coffee Hub

14th Aug 2014.

Sydney Airport salutes Sydney's reputation as the country's busiest coffee hub by holding the month-long 'Joy of Coffee' campaign which gives passengers a chance to taste of some funky brews.

Budget Carriers Notice Low Demand

7th Aug 2014.

Budget airlines have noticed a low demand in ticket sales for their long-haul routes specifically the Australian market, resulting to very low load factor.

Qantas To Refurbish B737 Fleet

2nd Aug 2014.

Qantas is set to refurbish its fleet of B737 jetliners with a refreshing look in its interior and upgrade its in-flight features in its bid to provide customers optimum comfort and unique travel experience.

Brisbane Airport To Host Two More Accor Hotels

30th Jul 2014.

Brisbane Airport will soon host two more on-site Accor hotels with the proposed construction of Pullman Brisbane and Ibis Brisbane Airports in February 2015.

Qantas To Allow Digital Device On-board

29th Jul 2014.

Qantas will soon introduce an improved in-flight service on all its flights, allowing passengers to use their digital gadgets on-board and access the internet.

Qantas QView Launched

28th Jul 2014.

Qantas has just launched a revolutionary entertainment service called QView for passengers who want to get the latest news and other digital contents online.

Qantas Boosts In-Flight Entertainment Service

25th Jul 2014.

Qantas boosts its in-flight entertainment service with the addition of more movies and TV shows to its current menu, both in domestic and international flights.

Qantas To Split Domestic And International Operations

23rd Jul 2014.

Troubled carrier Qantas is now planning to split its operations into two separate entities?domestic and international?in its bid to attract foreign investors.

Qantas And Jetstar Named Best Airlines

16th Jul 2014.

Qantas and Jetstar Airways emerged as big winners after being voted as 2014?s Best Airlines in the Australia/Pacific during the annual World Airline Awards.

Qantas Welcomes Foreign Investors

16th Jul 2014.

Qantas is now open to foreign investors for stakes up to 49%, as the debt-laden airline is seeking fresh capital to use and help sustain its operations.

Qantas Improves Lounge Menus

15th Jul 2014.

Qantas has put its best effort to improve its menu offerings in major and selected domestic lounges across the country by providing more delectable options.

Qantas' Market Share in Business Travel Eroding

14th Jul 2014.

Qantas is now on the verge of losing its dominance over its main rival, Virgin Australia, as its share keeps eroding albeit at a slow but steady rate.

Qantas Bags Best Airline Wine List in The World Award

11th Jul 2014.

Qantas adds another feather to its cap after bagging the prestigious 'Best Airline Wine List in the World' award at the The World of Fine Wine 2014 edition.

Qantas Airways Cancels Carbon Surcharges on Airfares

10th Jul 2014.

Qantas Airways has reconsidered its decision and canceled its earlier announcement to impose surcharges on its fares with the repeal of carbon tax law.

Perth Airport To Start Road Improvement

9th Jul 2014.

Perth Airport will start an upgrade project to improve the Airport Drive and provide seamless connection between the airport and Tonkin/Leach Highway interchange.

Sydney Airport To Improve Access And Add New Hotel

1st Jul 2014.

Access to and from Sydney Airport will soon get a big boost which will enable road users to travel in less time. The airport will also be gaining a new hotel near its domestic terminals 2 and 3.

New Australian Passport Comes With Hi-tech Security Features

28th Jun 2014.

Australian passports now come with high-tech features, making them hard to replicate and thereby giving passport holders a general feeling of security.

Australian Carriers To Allow 'Unrestricted' Use of Gadgets

26th Jun 2014.

Australian carriers Qantas and Virgin Australia will soon allow the use of electronic gadgets by its passengers during the entire phases of their flight plan.

Virgin Australia and Australia Post Ink Agreement

8th Jun 2014.

Virgin Australia and Australia Post have signed a unique agreement allowing Velocity Frequent Flyer members to earn points when they pay their bills through the latter's MyPost Digital Mailbox.

Virgin Australia Velocity Members to Earn Points Via Australia Post

7th Jun 2014.

Virgin Australia and Australia Post have inked an agreement enabling members of the airline's Frequent Flyer program to earn points using MyPost Digital.

Qantas First Lounges Offer Exciting Menu For Winter

4th Jun 2014.

Come winter season, Qantas dishes out an exciting array of menu offerings to all its passengers who fly with them during the period passing through Melbourne and Sydney airports using its First Lounges.

AirAsia X Australian Operations Making A Loss

1st Jun 2014.

The Australian operations of AirAsia X continues its losing streak during the first quarter of this year posting a net loss of 52 million ringgit.

Qantas and Other Carriers Resume Service To Darwin

1st Jun 2014.

Australia's major carriers?Qantas, Jetstar, and Virgin Australia?have already started to resume services to and from Darwin after a series of cancellation due to the volcanic ash cloud that resulted from the eruption of the Sangeang Api volcano in Indonesia.

Qantas and Emirates Emerge as Australia?s Most Favored International Carriers

31st May 2014.

Australia's flag carrier, Qantas, and Dubai-based five-star airline, Emirates, emerge as the most popular international carriers in the country based on the data gathered by Federal Government's Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport, and Regional Economics (BITRE).

Qantas Ends International Flights From Perth

23rd May 2014.

Qantas has decided to move out of Perth, the capital and largest city of Western Australia, leaving the state capital without Qantas flight to any international destination.

Aussie Politicians To Miss Travel Privilege For Good

13th May 2014.

Australia's public officials occupying high positions in the federal government as Members of Parliament will soon lose their lifetime privilege of free travels, with VIP status, soon after their retirement.

Virgin Australia Innovates Check-in Procedure

11th May 2014.

Virgin Australia is going paperless on its check-in procedure with the introduction of an innovative hassle-free check-in, enabling passengers to breeze through boarding gates using their mobile phones.

Qantas CEO Says Perth Service Unsustainable

2nd May 2014.

According to the CEO of Qantas, the airline's decision to terminate the remaining international services from Perth is based on the routes' unsustainable operations due to competition.

Virgin Australia Velocity Bags 5 Major Awards

1st May 2014.

Velocity, Virgin Australia?s Frequent Flyer program, sweeps all five major awards in this year's edition of the Annual Freddie Awards.

Qantas Points New Points Scheme

30th Apr 2014.

Qantas will implement a new point scheme for Qantas Points cardholders, as part of its major revamp as the airline seeks to find a radical way to stay in the business.

Business Class Upgrade With Qantas

26th Apr 2014.

There is an easier way to get a free business class upgrade when you fly with Qantas on economy class?use your Qantas Frequent Flyer points.

Qatar Airways Upgrades Service to Melbourne

3rd Apr 2014.

Qatar Airways is going to upgrade its Doha-Melbourne service with the introduction of a bigger aircraft?the B777-300ER airliner.

SAA and Virgin Australia Announce Partnership

24th Mar 2014.

South Africa Airways and Virgin Australia to codeshare on flights through Perth to Johannesburg.

Richard Branson Explains Decision to Shut Down Virgin Atlantic

14th Mar 2014.

Sir Richard Branson has explained his decision to shut down operations in Australia by Virgin Atlantic due to major losses.

Virgin Australia Offers Snacks on Domestic Flights

13th Mar 2014.

Virgin Australia is now offering a free snack for its domestic passengers on economy class between the country's three major cities of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Qantas Codeshares with Bangkok Airways

12th Mar 2014.

Qantas, Australia's national flag carrier, has inked partnership recently with Thai regional airline, Bangkok Airways

Qantas Codeshares with Bangkok Airways

12th Mar 2014.

Qantas has recently inked partnership with Bangkok Airways through codeshare agreement.

Qantas Codeshares with Bangkok Airways

12th Mar 2014.

Qantas has recently inked partnership with Bangkok Airways through codeshare agreement.

Qantas to Put Brisbane Airport Terminal Lease On The Block

7th Mar 2014.

Four years prior to its expiration in 2018, Qantas will lease back to Brisbane Airport Corporation the northern portion of the domestic terminal .

Qantas to End International Service From Perth

2nd Mar 2014.

Qantas, the flag carrier of Australia, is about to end its lone international service from Perth in May this year

Qantas Retires Boeing Fleet

28th Feb 2014.

Australia's state flag carrier, Qantas, has retired mostly of its Boeing fleet starting last year and is set to retire more of the Boeing variety this year and onwards.

Qantas to Retire Boeing Fleet

27th Feb 2014.

Qantas has retired mostly of its Boeing fleet starting last year and is set to retire more of the Boeing variety this year and onwards.

Qantas Ending International Service From Perth

27th Feb 2014.

Qantas is about to end its lone international service from Perth in May.

Virgin Atlantic Safety Video Celebrates Hollywood Greats

24th Feb 2014.

The next time you take a Virgin Atlantic flight, you might be surprised to watch an animated video that closely resembles that of a movie you watched eons ago, as your plane is about to take off.

Qantas Virgin Australia and Singapore Airlines, Win Awards

21st Feb 2014.

The three most awarded airlines in the region once again wowed their respective customers as they got the nod for the prestigious honors during the annual Customer Satisfaction Awards conducted by Roy Morgan Research.

Virgin Australia CEO lambasts Qantas

18th Feb 2014.

The feisty CEO of Virgin Australia, John Borghetti, has lambasted Qantas after hearing from the grapevine that the government will come to its rescue.

Virgin Australia Offers Freebies on Economy

7th Feb 2014.

Whatever Qantas does, Virgin Australia is not far behind, ready to take on whatever challenge Qantas may bring up to the table.

Virgin Increase Brisbane to Bundaberg and Brisbane to Moranbah Flights

6th Feb 2014.

Virgin Australia is mounting additional flights next month to the regional hubs of Bundaberg and Moranbah from its major hub in Brisbane.

Qantas Win Big In In Flight Wine Awards

5th Feb 2014.

Qantas has added another feather in its cap when it came out a big winner in the recently-concluded Cellars in the Sky Awards 2013 held in London for the best wine offerings on board.

Qantas Made Flyby Over Sydney Harbor

4th Feb 2014.

Qantas, the country's flag carrier, helped the already vibrant celebration of the national day even more colorful as it celebrated Australia Day in style a few hundred feet over Sydney skies.

Qantas to Soon Have its 10 Millionth Frequent Flyer

4th Feb 2014.

Another milestone awaits Qantas in the coming months as it expects to draw its 10 millionth customer to sign up with its frequent flyer program.

Qantas Ramps up Flights to and From Darwin

23rd Jan 2014.

Travelers to and from Darwin will find more options as Qantas increases services to Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

Virgin Australia to Offer Free in Flight Meals

6th Jan 2014.

If there's something to look forward to for passengers flying with Virgin Australia on February 2014, it must be the in-flight meals and drinks.

Qantas and Virgin Australia Offer Comfort Seat

4th Jan 2014.

If you noticed that economy seat getting tighter than usual, then you might want to try this so-called ?Comfort Seat?.

Virgin Australia Opens New Lounge

28th Dec 2013.

Virgin Australia has marked another milestone in customer service with the opening of the new lounge located at Perth International Airport's Terminal 2.

Virgin Australia Dishes Out Free Meals

27th Dec 2013.

At 40,000 feet above the earth, what could be a better way to slug it out for supremacy than titillating passengers' appetite with sumptuous meal on board?

Qantas Releases New In Flight Safety Video

25th Dec 2013.

Qantas, the country's flag carrier has recently released its latest in-flight safety video featuring the new uniform of its flight crew made flashier with its trademark color, Qantas red.

Jetstar Upgrades Service and Adjusts Schedules

19th Dec 2013.

Jetstar Airways, the low-cost subsidiary of Qantas, has unveiled new schedule on selected routes while, at the same time, upgrades its in-flight services on international routes.

Virgin Australia Offers Christmas Delectables

19th Dec 2013.

Virgin Australia letting its passengers enjoy the spirit of Christmas with a delectable meal, whether on board or in the lounge waiting for their flight.

Virgin Australia Adjusts Brisbane Darwin Service

14th Dec 2013.

Starting April next year, Virgin Australia will follow a new schedule for its domestic service between Brisbane and Darwin.

Maximize Your Qantas Frequent Flyer Points

9th Dec 2013.

Well, Christmas is on the air and Qantas is playing Santa Claus this early to its loyal frequent flyers.

Qantas Virgin Tiff Impacts International Travel

1st Dec 2013.

Never the twain shall meet. Do Qantas and Virgin will ever co-exist in an industry where competition is so intense both airlines are accusing each other of exercising unfair trade practices?

Qantas Ups the Ante In Airport Lounges

21st Nov 2013.

Now you would think twice if you will ever take the same flight again with your favorite carrier as soon as you hear the news that Qantas offers premium wines in airport lounges across Australia.

Qantas Uniform Gets a Total Makeover

1st Nov 2013.

Qantas will soon retire its current uniform and replace it with a refreshing look of a European-inspired number to be worn by its ground and flight crew starting December 12 this year.

Scoot To Fly To Perth

18th Oct 2013.

Come December 19 this year, the low-cost carrier Scoot will launch its third service to Australia following its Sydney and Gold Coast destinations.

Qantas Revives Dreamtime Livery

30th Sep 2013.

The gaiety of Aboriginal art will once again banner Qantas jets as the flag carrier is reviving its tradition of painting the livery of its planes.

Qantas Now Offers Pre-flight Meal Order

27th Sep 2013.

If you had been traveling with Qantas on international flights via economy class, you would surely welcome the airline's latest offering for its passengers, pre-flight meal ordering service.

Virgin Australia Passengers Can Now Access Unlimited Wifi

27th Sep 2013.

Virgin Australia continues to set the trend in flight entertainment with the introduction of extended wi-fi access to its passengers.

Virgin Australia to Raise Fares

13th Aug 2013.

Starting August 22, Virgin Australia will increase its fares and fuel surcharges across its network less than a week after Qantas made similar announcement of fare increase.

QantasLink to Operate From Sydney Airport T3

13th Aug 2013.

The regional airline of Qantas, QantasLink, will soon find a new home at Sydney Airport as it will shift its operations from T2 to T3.

Virgin Australia Acquires 100th B737

13th Aug 2013.

Virgin Australia reached another milestone early this month with the acquisition of its 100th Boeing 737 aircraft to date.

Qantas Reconfigured A380 Fleet Now Ready to Take Off

23rd Jul 2013.

Qantas is finally done with the reconfiguration of all its twelve A380 jumbo jets sporting all-new cabin layout increasing the individual aircraft's capacity from 450 to 484 seats.

Virgin Australia Take Control of TigerAir

20th Jul 2013.

A few days after Tiger Airways officially changed its name to Tigerair, Virgin Australia announced that it has completed early last week its acquisition of the low-cost carrier's Australian subsidiary to the tune of AU$35.

Virgin Australia to Launch Global Wallet Card

20th Jul 2013.

Virgin Australia continues to improve its product offering as it is about to launch soon its Global Wallet, a prepaid money card tailored for travelers. Aside from the usual function of a wallet, the card will also function as a Velocity Frequent Flyer card.

Qantas to Increase Frequency to Gold Coast

10th Jul 2013.

Qantas is mulling to increase its flight frequency to Gold Coast on its first year anniversary since the flag carrier resumed its service to the region last year.

Perth Attracts B787 Dreamliners

8th Jul 2013.

At least three major airlines will be heading to Perth to flaunt their wares, the next-generation wide-body B787s, in the hope of luring passengers to fly with them.

Qantas Sydney to Melbourne Flight for $11,000?

20th Jun 2013.

A Sydney-Melbourne flight on June 19 via was showing at a fare in its unprecedented all-time high: $11,000 for a one-way economy seat!

Virgin Australia Offers Best Job

17th Jun 2013.

Six job positions are on offer in a contest organized by Australia's State and Territory Tourism Organisations, which started March this year.

Jetstars Own B787 Soon To Take Wings

13th Jun 2013.

Jetstar will soon take delivery its first 787 Dreamliner as the plane is now in its final assembly stage in its Seattle factory.

Virgin Australia Sydney-Perth Route On A330

13th Jun 2013.

Travelers between Sydney and Perth will soon find themselves flying on a wide-body Airbus A330 via Virgin Australia.

British Airways to Offer Chauffeur Driven Service

11th Jun 2013.

First-class travelers traveling out of Sydney via British Airways will soon get to experience a chauffeur-driven service between their place and Sydney airport.

Qantas First Class Lounge on Domestic Flights

11th Jun 2013.

s it possible to access Qantas' airport lounges in Melbourne and Sydney reserved for its first class passengers even while on domestic flights?

Jetstar Dreamliners To Take Off in November

11th Jun 2013.

Jetstar's Boeing 787 Dreamliner will debut its domestic service on November this year before taking the long-haul flights the following month.

Qantas Gets Approval From IASC

11th Jun 2013.

Qantas' application for freight re-allocation to certain routes has been approved by the International Air Services Commission (IASC).

Business Travelers Favor Qantas Over Virgin

27th May 2013.

Qantas will not have to worry about losing its share in the premium travel market so soon as most of Australia's business travelers still prefer flying with the Red Roo over its closest rival, Virgin Australia.

Jetstar To Take Delivery of 787 Dreamliner

27th May 2013.

With the lifting of its global service suspension by FAA, the 787 Dreamliner returned to the skies on April 27 after more than three months of intensive testing for its airworthiness.

Qantas Deploys B717 For Its Canberra Routes

27th May 2013.

Travelers to and from Canberra via Qantas may soon be flying on a smaller plane, the B717, as the flag carrier is doing a revamp in all Canberra flights.

Virgin Australia Launches A330 Service on Brisbane to Perth Route

27th May 2013.

Virgin Australia successfully launched its Coast to Coast service between Brisbane and Perth over a week ago, initially on a twice-daily frequency. The event marked the first for the airline to use the wide-body twin-engine A330 aircraft on this route.

Qantas iPhone Travel App Released

16th May 2013.

If you got an iPhone and you happen to travel with Qantas, you will be pleased to know that a new travel app designed for iPhones is now available for the taking. Sinply log in to Apple's iTune Store to download the app for free.

Qantas Stops Frankfurt Service

29th Apr 2013.

Qantas finally ended in mid-April its service to Frankfurt, Germany, its last link to the continent that remained in its global network. The daily service, QF5/QF6, was the last flight that connected Australia to continental Europe via Singapore.

Virgin Australia Offers Economy Passengers Free Meals and Drinks

29th Apr 2013.

Competition among Australian major air carriers continues to heat up as Virgin Australia debuted its on-board meals and drinks for its economy passengers, effectively matching the in-flight service commonly found among full-service airlines.

Qantas Moves Ahead With Qantas Cash Card

28th Apr 2013.

Qantas is not about to be left behind in the competition with the soon-to-be-launched travel money card, aptly called Qantas Cash.

ACCC OKs Virgin Acquisition of Tiger

27th Apr 2013.

The planned acquisition of Tiger by Virgin Australia won't meet opposition from the country's regulatory body. This was an assurance promised by The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) when sought for comments about Virgin's plan to buy a controlling stake on the low-cost carrier Tiger Australia.

QantasLink Now at Sydney Airport T3

27th Apr 2013.

Qantas' own regional wing, QantasLink, will move its operation from Sydney Airport's Terminal 2 to its own Qantas Domestic Terminal 3 towards the end of the year.

ACCC Approves Virgin Australia's Purchase of Skywest

26th Apr 2013.

ACCC approved the purchase in late January this year following more than a year of the two airlines' partnership.

Qantas Offers New Amenity Kits

19th Apr 2013.

Following the official start of the alliance between Qantas and Emirates on March 31, 2013, the Australian flag carrier started to offer new amenity kits for their first-class passengers.

Skywest Now Part of Virgin Australia

17th Apr 2013.

In its bid to become the largest airline in the continent, Virgin Australia successfully acquired Skywest, a regional airline which operates mainly in Western Australia, and a couple of cities outside the state such as Darwin, Northern Territory and Melbourne, Victoria.

How to Spend Your Qantas Frequent Flyer Points Wisely

19th Mar 2013.

Racking up points for your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership is easy as a-b-c: Fly frequently and use your credit card every time you stay in a hotel.

Canberra Airport Unveils New Virgin Australia Terminal This Week

14th Mar 2013.

The national capital's primary gateway, Canberra Airport, is about to unveil today the second wing of its newly-renovated terminal.

Qantas Expands Lounge at Perth Airport

14th Mar 2013.

Qantas continues to provide its business and premium travelers enhanced services with the opening of its newly-expanded Qantas Club lounge located at the Perth Airport.

Virgin Plans an Airbus A330 Upgrade for the Sydney to Perth

14th Mar 2013.

Air travelers on the Sydney-Perth route will have something to look forward to later this year as Virgin Australia plans to deploy a bigger capacity aircraft, the Airbus A330, on the said sector.

Virgin Australia Fast Solution For Missing Frequent Flyer Points

14th Mar 2013.

The recent shift to a new booking system early this year by Virgin Australia has caused many frequent flyer members wondering where have all their points and status credits gone.

Virgin to Introduce New Routes and New Services

4th Mar 2013.

Virgin Australia is on a roll in its expansion program with the opening of two new routes and a new service from its Brisbane hub.

Virgin to Pick Boeing 787 or Airbus A350

4th Mar 2013.

Which between the two planes Virgin Australia will eventually pick? By end of the year, Virgin Australia will decide which of the two planes will make it to its fleet by 2017?

Qantas to Increase Services in NSW by Building Tamworth Lounge

28th Feb 2013.

Qantas is set to increase service to NSW cities including Armidale, Dubbo, Coffs Harbour and Tamworth starting April this year.

Lie-Flat Seats for Qantas A330 Business Class

28th Feb 2013.

Keeping the bar higher seems to be the mantra of Qantas to keep its captive market of domestic and international business travelers flying with them.

Sydney Airport still Australia's Largest International Airport

28th Feb 2013.

Sydney Airport continues to be the leading international gateway in Australia.

Time-Strapped Australians Spend Long Weekends Overseas

28th Feb 2013.

Gone are the days when most Australians head to the coast to spend their long weekends. Overseas destinations such as New Zealand, Singapore, Bali and even Vanuato offer Aussies an allure hard to resist.

Virgin Atlantic Joining SkyTeam Makes Sense

25th Feb 2013.

Joining a global airline alliance, like Sky Team, will possibly make sense for Virgin Atlantic, according to its Chief Commercial Officer, Julie Southern.

Qantas to Discontinue Some Services

18th Feb 2013.

Due to low market demand Qantas will cease its thrice-weekly service between Canberra and Darwin starting April this year.

Qantas and Emirates Join Forces

18th Feb 2013.

Now that Qantas and Emirates formally cemented their alliance, frequent flyers and business travelers from both airlines will soon enjoy common perks across their extensive networks.

Qantas Made Better by Technology and The Human Touch

18th Feb 2013.

Simon Hickey has a lot up his sleeves as he assumes his new position as Qantas International CEO from being the head of Qantas Frequent Flyer program.

Tiger Introduces Two New Routes

18th Feb 2013.

Tiger Airways Australia continues its network expansion with the launch of four new domestic services including two destinations in Queensland State and another two in Australia's Northern Territory.

ACCC Delays Virgin Takeover of Tiger

18th Feb 2013.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is delaying its decision until mid-March on the matter in which Virgin Australia is planning to take control of Tiger Airways.

Qantas to Upgrade Sydney to Perth, Brisbane to Perth Flights

5th Feb 2013.

Starting April this year, Qantas will upgrade its equipment on weekday flights on Sydney-Perth and Brisbane-Perth routes, using Airbus A330 and Boeing 767s respectively.

Virgin Australia to Open New Lounges at Canberra Airport

5th Feb 2013.

Virgin Australia is slated to open a couple of lounges at Canberra International Airport's newly-built Western Concourse Terminal building in March this year.

What You Need to Know About New Booking System at Virgin

5th Feb 2013.

The recent switchover of Virgin Australia's backend system to its new booking system, Sabre, the many frustrated customers were complaining about longer queues at the airport.

Virgin Australia Inaccessible Site Surprises Customers

16th Jan 2013.

Customers trying to book flights for Virgin Australia last weekend were surprised to find its website inaccessible as the airline switched over to an all-new check-in and booking system.

Skywest to Add More Kalgoorlie-Perth Flights

12th Jan 2013.

Travelers between Kalgoorlie and Perth will have increased travel options from Monday, January 21, as Skywest Airlines will add a new daily service.

Virgin Australia to Introduce New Rules on Baggage Limits

6th Jan 2013.

With Virgin Australia's migration to a new booking system, good news await customers as it has also introduced new rules regarding baggage limits on all its flights effective January 13, 2013.

Qantas and Virgin Australia warn Flyers of Email Scam

28th Dec 2012.

If you happen to receive an e-mail with this subject line that purportedly comes from Qantas or Virgin Australia Customer Service, then you might be a victim of a recently circulating e-mail scam.

Qantas Expands Lounge at Perth and Launches EFB Apps

28th Dec 2012.

Qantas is making some investments to ensure a bright future for the company.

Virgin Australia to Provide Inflight Movies, Music via On-Board WiFi

24th Dec 2012.

Virgin Australia will start trials its latest inflight service to its valued clients with the introduction of inflight wireless system on board its aircraft.

Qantas to Implement A330 Only Flights

30th Nov 2012.

Starting next year, Qantas will be operating exclusively on an all Airbus A330 all weekday service for its two busiest transcontinental routes, Melbourne - Perth and Sydney - Perth.

Virgin Atlantic Decide over Star Alliance or SkyTeam

1st Nov 2012.

Joining any alliance with other major airlines in the world may not be an immediate concern for Virgin Australia for now but its UK counterpart, Virgin Atlantic, is grooming itself to become the latest member of either of the world's two largest airline clubs.

Qantas Resumes and Improves Sydney-Gold Coast Service

1st Nov 2012.

Qantas has relaunched its service from Sydney to Gold Coast, starting October 28, signaling its reentry into the lucrative market along the eastern seaboard.

Qantas Upgrades Melbourne-Tasmania Flights

1st Nov 2012.

Starting this week, Qantas flights between the mainland and Tasmania will increase as the flag carrier is adding more frequencies and aircraft upgrade between its Melbourne hub and the state's three major points - Devonport, Hobart and Launceston.

Virgin Australia to Boost Perth Services

1st Nov 2012.

Virgin Australia has recently announced its takeover of the Perth-based Skywest regional airline on October 30.

Qantas offers Free WiFi on Four Local Airports

30th Oct 2012.

From having an hourly rate of $5 in their internet access offers, Qantas is now offering free WiFi access at their Terminal 3 in Sydney, Terminal 1 in Melbourne as well as in their Brisbane and Perth airports.

Qantas to Take Throne for Longest Direct Flight Services

30th Oct 2012.

Australia?s flag carrier Qantas is set to take over Singapore Airlines as they decide to have direct flights from Sydney to Dallas/Forth Worth.

Qantas to Introduce Direct Flights from Sydney to Gladstone

18th Sep 2012.

Beginning March next year, Qantas will open a direct service from its Sydney hub to Gladstone, the industrial center of Queensland, Australia.

Virgin Australia to Give Free Upgrades for Frequent Flyers

27th Aug 2012.

Members of Virgin Australia's frequent flyers will now get to enjoy free business class upgrades.

Virgin Australia to Go All A330 for the Melbourne-Perth Route

23rd Aug 2012.

Starting September 21, Virgin Australia will start upgrading its 'coast to coast' flights between Melbourne and Perth into an all-A330 service exclusively.

Qantas to Resume Services to Gold Coast

23rd Aug 2012.

After five years of absence, Qantas will resume its service to Gold Coast on October 28 this year. Jetstar, its sister budget carrier, has been serving the route since 2007.

Virgin Australia To Roll Out Samsung Galaxy Tabs

15th Aug 2012.

The competition has intensified between Australia's two biggest airlines as Virgin Australia and Qantas take their battle to the cabin, this time in the in-flight entertainment department.

Sydney Airport Hits 10.4percent Passenger Growth

1st Aug 2012.

Officials from Sydney Airport announced recently that it handled record numbers of domestic and international passenger passing through the airport for June 2012.

Virgin Australia To Stop 'Anytime Access' to their Lounges

1st Aug 2012.

The good times will be over soon to those who hold Velocity Platinum and Gold membership in Virgin Australia's frequent flyers program, as the airline will no longer implement the ?anytime access? provision on their lounges.

The On-time Flights Battle Between Virgin and Qantas

1st Aug 2012.

Both Virgin Australia and the flag carrier Qantas wouldn't concede as to who claims the country's most punctual airline. But official statistics released last week show a picture that hardly tells the winner.

Qantas Increase Flights From Canberra to Adelaide

25th Jul 2012.

Starting October, Qantas will mount an additional return flight between Canberra and Adelaide, five times weekly.

Qantas to Add Extra Flights to Devonport, Hobart, and Launceston

25th Jul 2012.

Business travelers between Tasmania and Melbourne in the mainland will soon find extra flights added on a daily basis.

Qantas Tests Boeing 737 Upgrade to Load More, Bigger Baggag

17th Jul 2012.

All Boeing 737-800 planes of Qantas will soon get load more carry-on bags or even bags bigger than the current maximum size allowed by most airlines today.

More Economy Seats for Qantas A380s

4th Jul 2012.

Qantas' Airbus A380 will get a reconfiguration amidst the stiff competition on its international routes.

Skytrans Launch Sydney-Toowoomba Flights

3rd Jul 2012.

Skytrans, an airline based on Queensland, will start its daily flight schedules in the Sydney-Toowoomba route.

Sydney-Melbourne Route: One of the Worlds Busiest

29th Jun 2012.

You might be impressed to know that, day in and day out, you are just one of the 7 million air travelers who fly the Sydney-Melbourne route every year.

Additional Economy Seats for Qantas Airbus A380

29th Jun 2012.

In response to stiff competitions on its international routes, Qantas devised a way to stave off operating costs by boosting capacity of its superjumbo Airbus A380 aircraft plying overseas routes.

Qantas Wi-Fi Trial Continues

28th Jun 2012.

Qantas will soon offer iPads as part of its inflight service as soon as it is done with its trial phase which has been extended until the end of this year. They hope to offer the wi-fi technology in all of its domestic and international flights.

About Virgin Australia's New Business Class

27th Jun 2012.

Since the demise of Ansett over a decade ago, there's not much competition in the domestic market that would offer business class travelers a wide option to choose from.

Virgin Australia Expands Perth Airport Lounge

25th Jun 2012.

Virgin Australia takes pride of its new lounge located at the Perth Airport, boasting an expanded space with flat screen TV monitors.

New Body Scanners to Reveal All

15th Jun 2012.

Body scanning at the airport has never been this controversial. Next month, Australian exports will witness the introduction of full-body scanners which are able to identify passengers wearing prosthesis and who underwent cosmetic surgery.

Using Phones on Flight Annoys Passengers, According to Survey

15th Jun 2012.

According to the most recent survey, eighty-six percent of the air travelers do not like fellow passengers on board a plane using their mobile phones while airborne.

Getting into Qantas First Class Domestic Lounge

15th Jun 2012.

Pick a flight of either Jetstar or Qantas departing Melbourne or Sydney airports that originates from the international terminal rather than the domestic terminal to get into the Qantas first class domestic lounge

UAE Carrier Gets 3.96% Stake in Virgin Australia

12th Jun 2012.

Officials of Etihad, the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates, have recently confirmed that they have acquired 3.96% stake in Virgin Australia.

Compared to Virgin, More Qantas Flights Depart On-Time

12th Jun 2012.

According to official statistics, Virgin planes lag behind Qantas planes in terms of timely departures in most of its domestic destinations.

Qantas Price Wars as Losses Increase

12th Jun 2012.

Qantas has suffered another blow to its head as its shares fell in two days by 21 percent after a forecast of a mounting loss on its international operations.

Government Spends $5 for Orange Airport Expansion

12th Jun 2012.

The planned expansion of an ultra-modern Orange Airport get a boost when it received $4.9 million funds from the federal government. Upon completion, the airport will be able to handle larger aircraft and have an increased capacity to handle more passengers.

Low-Cost Singaporean Airline Lands Maiden Flight in Sydney

11th Jun 2012.

The battlefield of budget airlines in the region has expanded with the addition of Scoot, the low-cost airline brand of Singapore Airlines.

Qantas Adds More Flights to the 'Golden Triangle' Route

6th Jun 2012.

In line with its plans to boost its domestic services, Qantas Airways has added more flights to the so-called 'Golden Triangle' route, which consists of the major Australian cities of Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

Virgin Australia Opens New Gold Coast Airport Lounge

6th Jun 2012.

Virgin Australia recently opened its new lounge at the Gold Coast Airport. This is the third facility built for the airline, the other two being on Brisbane and Melbourne.

Etihad Ownership of Virgin a Threat to Qantas' Future

6th Jun 2012.

Many fear that if Etihad Airways will take majority ownership of Virgin Australia, Qantas will meet its untimely demise.

Qantas to Strengthen Domestic Operations to Compete with Virgin

5th Jun 2012.

Australia's largest airline, Qantas Airways, announced its plans to add more seats to its domestic flights to some of the country's major cities. This is to consolidate its hold in the domestic market, and compete with Virgin Australia.

Designer for New Qantas Flight Attendant Uniforms Named

5th Jun 2012.

Qantas has recently announced that Paris-based Martin Grant has been hired to design the latest uniforms of its flight attendants.

Jetstar To Launch Boeing 787 Dreamliner on August 2013

4th Jun 2012.

David Hall, the CEO of Jetstar, has recently confimed that the airline will launch its Boeing 787 dreamliner on August 2013.

City Council Supports Construction of New Sydney Airport

2nd Jun 2012.

Low-cost airline Air Asia X is planning to conduct direct flights from its hub in the city of Kuala Lumpur to the Australian city of Adelaide.

Qantas Splits to Concentrate on Restructuring Programs

1st Jun 2012.

In an effort to make its international operations profitable again, Qantas ventures on a huge restructuring program.

Qantas Restructuring Resulted to Dismissal of 500 Heavy Maintenance Jobs

29th May 2012.

The restructuring of Qantas Airways will involve consolidation of its engineering and aircraft maintenance departments, thus resulting to the loss of 500 jobs for the workers of those departments.

Virgin Australia Increases Flights to Gladstone

23rd May 2012.

Beginning May 28, Virgin Australia will provide additional flights to Gladstone. Find out more about these new flight schedules.